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Koha is an open source library management system that has been around for 12 years. It now faces losing its name. Can you help?

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Welcome to the Ubuntu Women Project Google+ page!

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This is 2011, yeah? Just checking...
(via +Brenda Wallace)

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Warren Buffett wants to pay more tax

Need brain food books, preferably on a social justice angle. Recs?

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Ok, this looks quite brilliant...

How is it, that in spite of the accessories and stuff available for the kindle, there are still no commercially available "DON'T PANIC" covers?

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" response, what have the Norwegians done? Have they started piling on the extra security measures? Have they begun cracking down on personal expression? Have they put aside their tolerance and their freedom in the name of 'safety'?"

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They're gonna get you too!

another one bites the dust.

My friend Jan Pulsford, who many of you know as the very talented musician Jana Kyomoon in Second Life, has been banned for the second time from G+ and has too much to do in her life to appeal again. She's done.

Jana's performed with us pretty much monthly at one of our Sunday performances in SL. Jan used to tour with Cindi Lauper and a number of musicians as well as touring on her own both in Europe and in the US, and I do believe beyond.

The only thing I can imagine is that she has more of an Internet trace as Jana Kyomoon, so they decided her legal name of Jan Pulsford couldn't be "real."

Starting to feel like obits.
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