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Safety Always!
You need to keep your guard up even when your shift is over - so take Safety home! Studies have shown that you are more likely to get injured off the job. Approximately 70% of all deaths and more than 55% of all injuries happen away from work. Home-related accidents account for an estimated 20,000 deaths and 25 million inures annually.
-Do you follow proper safety procedures at home?
-Do you take time to read the directions?
-Do you access the hazard and mitigate the risks?
-Are you using the proper tools and equipment?
-Do you wear PPE at home?

You must be trained, authorized, and certified to work any kind of machinery.

Hand injuries are the most common injury in the oil and gas industry. Wear gloves when necessary, know when not to wear gloves. Watch your pinch points. Always pay attention to your surroundings.

H2S has a rotten egg smell, sometimes referred to as stink damp, swamp gas, or the Texas two-step because you take two steps and then you are out.

Extinguishers should be inspected on a monthly basis, and on a yearly basis by a certified tech. 

How old is your Hard Hat?
Most manufactures have the date of manufacture in the bill or crown. The year is the larger number with the arrow pointing to the month (some include date as well). It is impossible to provide a specific time frame for cap replacement because of the various exposures (sun, heat, chemicals, etc.) and work conditions at each job site. However, as a general rule, many companies have employees replace hard hats every five years. The suspension should be replaced every 12 months, on average. And remember, never store anything between the shell and the suspension or your hard hat will not offer the intended protection.

Get plenty of Sleep.
The amount of sleep you need to lead a productive day varies depending on the individual, but most experts recommend getting at least seven hours a night. You probably wont be getting any nap breaks at your job.

PPE is important!

Inspect PPE, tools, equipment and the work area daily. Recheck work areas after break or lunch. Be aware of other working going on near you.

Save your hearing!
Ear protection cannot adequately reduce noise levels when worn incorrectly. Be sure to insert them properly.

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Cooling Towel: Dampen this synthetic space age towel to create a cooling aid significantly colder than ambient air.
Advanced PVA cooling technology
Super-evaporative, feels significantly cooler than ambient air
Activates fast and easy - run under cold water for one minute
Wear for hours or for quick relief
Simply re-wet to reactivate
Machine washable
Size: 13in x 29.5in (33cm x 75cm)
Iron/Steel Work
7116 W. Interstate-20
Midland,TX 79706
(432) 563-0400
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