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Defenestrated Feet
A blog of quirky stories, cartoons, and defenestration.
A blog of quirky stories, cartoons, and defenestration.


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Does anyone else out there compulsively check their page statistics daily? =P

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Curious about how I draw "fish-people" and what programs I use?
It's all about to change...

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How to Look Younger! No makeup, botox, or fancy medical treatments needed, people - the secret is right here!

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New BLOG post!

Featuring tins of uranium for sale on Also, monstrous mutant insects, bizarre product reviews, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Terrapins? and collective hilarity.

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New Blog Post!

As far as advice posts go, this one is weirdly practical for me, LOL.

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Progress Update! After now SEVEN MONTHS, two days ago marked the resurrection of my Laptop, complete with long-lost pictures and blog entries stored thereon. :D

New blog post coming early Monday morning! Watch this space!

After almost a month, today marks the restoration of internet service to my desktop computer!

With any luck, restoration of my blogging habits will follow suit...

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This is the hardest post I've ever written ...but so totally worth it.

~Please share~
UPDATE: So I just found out that you can vote here TEN TIMES every day, not just once! Thanks for your support everyone!

Click here to vote for my batcrap-crazy quest:

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New Blog Post!
Montreal, Godzilla, Ice Hotels and other general tomfoolery.

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Blog Post! The long awaited PART 2:
Learn the SECRETS of relationship compatibility and how to avoid FIERY DEATH.

(Includes 200% more pictures and 120% more awesome!)
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