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Come and join the pack!
Join the Wolf pack and experience beautiful Bruges like never before!

#Anomaly #WoB #Ingress
#Bruges #Brugge #Brüegghe

+Ingress +NIA Ops 

Can we please also get 1 finger screen rotation in Ingress?
It works well in Pokemon Go.

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Ingress 1.94 screws with resolution once again.
Apparently I have bad sight.

Nexus 6p

Comparison of portal screens:
Left is 1.94, right is 1.93.1
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#Ingress #StarWars
Düsseldorf and Köln done

Imagine Niantic adds the following change to Ingress.

Every million MU that is attached to a portal adds mitigation and adds 1000xm per million that is required to flip it.

This would mean:
A L8 portal with 14+ million MU would be unable to be flipped (Since an L16 agent only has maximum of 22k XM).

This would stop spoofers just flipping portals that have large fields attached, and the mitigation would make defending it easier. The only downside to this change is that the flip and redo tactic to share MU is not possible for larger fields.

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+NIA Ops 

Please ban these 2 accounts.
These accounts are made by already existing players and are being used. I don't care if the existing players are green or blue, but they are only made to piss off ENL and RES Belgium and the player who used to play under that agentname. He got to level 16, turned green and is now playing under a different agentname.
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Type: Improper Takedown Appeal
Portal: Bocholt - De Steen
Previous location:'26.1%22N+5%C2%B034'43.0%22E/@51.173913,5.57862,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

Please reinstate this portal (was removed 19 Aug 2015)

De Steen is a community center housing an art academy, a  music academy, a youth house and a concert room.
Apart from its use, it also is the highest building in Bocholt making it stand out by its industial look in this rural town.

On streetview you can see it's construction has just started (Images are from 2010).
The building first opened in January of 2012.
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Battle Of Limburg
48 Missions: unknown time, 390 portals
Unique portals hacked doing banner: 900-ish
Preferred Transport: Car
Mission Owner: XQlusioN
Start Link:

Mission 1: Start: Kuh von Remersdaal, 9 portals
Mission 2: Start: Monument Kanne, 9 portals
Mission 3: Start: Sint-Martinuskerk, 9 portals
Mission 4: Start: Sportcomplex De Motten, 9 portals
Mission 5: Start: Heilig Huisje XVe eeuw, 6 portals
Mission 6: Start: Bommershoven, Borgloon, Limburg, 6 portals
Mission 7: Start: Art, 7 portals
Mission 8: Start: Thewitkapel, 6 portals
Mission 9: Start: Church Engelmanshoven, 12 portals
Mission 10: Start: Mariabeeld, 6 portals
Mission 11: Start: Maria Beeldje, 8 portals
Mission 12: Start: Kapel Russelt, 7 portals
Mission 13: Start: De Lieven Hereboom, 10 portals
Mission 14: Start: Sint-Brixiuskerk Schalkhoven, 7 portals
Mission 15: Start: Alden Biesen, 9 portals
Mission 16: Start: Rico, 9 portals
Mission 17: Start: Kapel Op Het Reitje, 8 portals
Mission 18: Start: Zien - Zen - Zijn, 7 portals
Mission 19: Start: Hasselt Watertoren, 7 portals
Mission 20: Start: Berbroek Church, 7 portals
Mission 21: Start: Monument WO 1, 7portals
Mission 22: Start: Gedenksteen 1914-18 1940-45, 9 portals
Mission 23: Start: Eversel - Mijnkar 150 jaar Eversel, 8 portals
Mission 24: Start: AVM, 7 portals
Mission 25: Start: Pyramide 4de Cite Winterslag, 9 portals
Mission 26: Start: Genk - Fontain Europalaan, 9 portals
Mission 27: Start: Zutendaal - Steen Kruis Van De, 8 portals
Mission 28: Start: Trompet Gezichten, 9 portals
Mission 29: Start: Windmill, 7 Portals
Mission 30: Start: Kapel Op De Bellik, 9 portals
Mission 31: Start: Fietsparadijs Limburg, 7 portals
Mission 32: Start: Kolenkarren Houthalen, 7 portals
Mission 33: Start: Metal Head Sculpture, 11 portals
Mission 34: Start: Kapelletje Eggers, 8 portals
Mission 35: Start: Kerk Van Kwaadmechelen, 7 portals
Mission 36: Start: Heppen Small Chapel, 7 portals
Mission 37: Start: Sherman Tank, 7 portals 
Mission 38: Start: Kleine-Brogel - Kapelletje Groenewoudstraat, 8 portals
Mission 39: Start: Meeuwen Christus Beeld, 6 portals
Mission 40: Start: Church Nieuwe Kempern, Opglabbeek, 6 portals
Mission 41: Start: Opoeteren rond punt, 10 portals
Mission 42: Start: Kerk Ophoven, 8 portals
Mission 43: Start: Bree - Kapel Bosstraat, 11 portals
Mission 44: Start: Bocholt - Finsepiste, 9 portals
Mission 45: Start: Hamont - De Posthoorn, 8 portals
Mission 46: Start: Gemeentehuis, 10 portals
Mission 47: Start: Oude Sint-Janskapel, 8 portals
Mission 48: Start: Rond punt Lommel Centrum, 10 portals

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Added photos to #IngressFS: Hasselt.

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