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Abby Botts
I love to read, craft, bake, and crochet :)
I love to read, craft, bake, and crochet :)

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Today is the BIG day!

Do your pets give you unconditional love? Are they there to support you through your hard times and share in your joys? We’re guessing you’re nodding your head with a big YES! If you are, keep reading.’s mission is to find a loving home for every pet in every shelter across the United States and Canada, but the real heroes are people like you who help spread the word that shelter pets are amazing and full of love. Some people truly don’t know that and homeless pets need your help to get the word out. And TODAY is a very special day to do that because it’s our 4th annual Great American Pooch Smooch and Kitty Kiss. Just by sharing a quick photo in social media today, you could be the hero that a shelter pet needs.

Here’s how you can save a life: Is your phone full of sweet and loving photos of you and your pets? We’re going to guess that’s a yes! Start sharing those tender, loving moments all across social media with the hash tags #PoochSmooch or #KittyKiss (don’t forget to tag @AdoptaPetcom) and tell people why your pet is awesome. Tell them how their love has made a difference in your life and why they should experience this love for themselves. Share on our Facebook page, on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and everywhere else you might be in social media.

Let’s make some waves and help shelter pets get adopted! READY?

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