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Stop the Drama: 7 questions that can help leaders disengage from the distracting drama that pulls them off their priorities
The top elected leaders of membership organizations often must
contend with many unseen and unexpected challenges during their term in
office.   From a leadership standpoint,
there is one challenge that can consume a leader and force him/her away f ro m goa...

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Fraternity and the Power of Reception
Let’s visit about the topic of new member education. Recruitment numbers   for Greek organizations   are still rising, and from that standpoint, fraternity and sorority life   seems healthy.  There   now   exists an opportunity to build the largest and grea...

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How to Survey Your Fraternity
  In the last post on this site, I advocated for officer teams to do an assessment of their chapter in order to get a well-rounded view of member attitudes and perspectives. One of the best tools to use for this purpose is a survey. With online tools like ...

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A Chapter President’s First 25 Days
As chapter president, you likely ran for your position with priorities and goals in mind. Thus, your term might be defined by how well you achieve these objectives. And with only a year, the clock is ticking. During the recent U.S. presidential election and...

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A Fraternity Life at Forty
Here I stand. B rothers in 1998 Brothers in 2016 A man at 40. Check that – a fraternity man at 40. My brotherhood now is a cluster of three whimsical, invincible boys. And my wife is my lifelong sweetheart. A fraternity man at 40. How did I get here so qui...

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The Time for Finger Wagging is Now
From the warm-up room, Lilly King watched her fellow
competitor, Yulia Efimova,   win a qualifying
heat.   Efimova had been busted
for doping months before and almost excluded from the games.   But she wasn’t, and she won her heat, and in
her celebration, w...

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The Fraternity Movement's Innovation Gap
I recently learned a new framework by which to judge
innovation, and it left me with this conclusion: the fraternity/sorority
industry is not as innovative as we like to think we are.  And when we
are, it’s mostly low-level, incremental innovations. There i...

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Who Owns the Future of Fraternity?
The recent issue at Harvard, with the university essentially choosing to sanction any student that affiliates with a single-gender organization, has revealed a truth about modern Greek life that cannot be ignored by fraternity supporters: colleges and unive...

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The Day He Wore a Fraternity T-Shirt
“Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that due to
mechanical problems, flight 1856 with service to Miami has been cancelled.”   Rory looked up with disbelief.   There had been no warning of this – no delays
or anything.   He looked around and
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