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Y'know, my book's main character is a GREEN MONSTER who is also a PIRATE. And the thing's written by a woman! Where's my fake outrage?!
Captain Dan of the Grumbling Grog and his infamous pirate monster crew were feared throughout all eleven of the vast oceans. But even pirate captains sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Fi...
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I have a book it's really awesome thank you thank you thank you I really love you too.
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Lunch buffet was largely inedible. What these people did to the poor animals in the 'meat' products should be a crime. I don't know how, but the pre frozen veggies on the steam tables were rendered totally disgusting. I didn't know that level of awfulness was still allowed in a post Geneva Conventions world. A possible bright spot are the made-to-order fish tacos. They managed to be edible in spite of the obvious lack of care the young lady preparing them had. The desserts table should be labelled "Avoid At All Costs." NOTHING on it was good. The pumpkin pie tastes precisely NOTHING LIKE pumpkin pie. There was a "cappuccino bar" that tasted like they put used coffee grounds and pure distilled diabetes in it and little else. The strawberries on the strawberries and cream table looked as though they'd been pre-eaten. The rum-raisin sauce covered bread pudding wasn't terrible, in that if you ate enough if it, I'm pretty sure you'd get drunk - that's how strong the run was. This place seems to be run by a person who doesn't actually like food, but is running a buffet restaurant and is conflicted by this. And their confusion manifests itself by making bad decisions pertaining to what should go out on the tables. I feel bad for this imaginary person, I really do, but they need to stop punishing the rest of us for their inner turmoil.
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