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Look at the photo. That is me.
Look at the photo. That is me.

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This is so discouraging...
Anupam B. Jena obtained salary information for academic physicians at 24 public medical schools through the Freedom of Information Act. The analysis included 10,241 faculty members, 34.7 percent female and 65.3 percent male from a lot of big-name medical schools including the No. 3 on U.S. News & World Report's annual ranking, the University of California at San Francisco and the world-renowned University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The study is thought to be the largest on gender differences in earnings among physicians in academia.

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The intense #Blizzard2016 storm impacting the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region has also caused severe weather in the Gulf Coast. Satellite observe the extreme rain from this developing storm. Details:
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It's time to do more!
National Geographic is partnering with the United Nations Foundation and the Earth To Paris Coalition to give a powerful voice to a critical message: reimagining our world's energy future will take a shared sense of urgency—from countries, companies, cities, and all of us.
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