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Millard Jacobs
Segways For Sale Style Personal Transporters without the segway cost or price
Segways For Sale Style Personal Transporters without the segway cost or price

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The Inmotion SCV R2 is now for Sale.  You can Safely buy an Inmotion SCV R2 from the Folks who first helped introduce these Personal Electric Transportation scooters to the World. 

We at pride ourselves in offering only the best quality segway alternatives and personal electric transporters available on the market today.

We have been waiting on the the New Inmotion SCV R2 to be released ourselves for a while now and now it's officially here.  The New Inmotion SCV R2 has many new upgrades and is superior in function as well as durability to the original Inmotion SCV R1.

Get your Inmotion SCV R2 today.

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InMotion SCV R1 EX Mini Segway Style Alternative Personal Transporter For Sale
ONLY $1999 While Supplies Last Please Contact us for the Payment request " We are Here Before, During and After Your Purchase " (( R1 Shipped from our USA Warehouse in 24 -48 hrs  )) ( Express Shipping Available ) UPS Tracking number in 24 -48 hrs ( Overnig...

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The ingredients in Country Kitchen Cures has really been a blessing to me and my family as well as countless others. I am only here to tell you the benefits of the crème and tell you of others who have benefited.

The Gods Herbs recipe is made from over 21 ingredients from all over the world and help out with a variety of problems.

You can read here how it helped cure my Mersa Staph infection and my migraine headaches. I believe in it so much that I designed a website to help others who could benefit from it as well

This link Below here will take you to a blog where I tell my story about how Country Kitchen Cures has helped me Cure Mersa Naturally and get rid of my nagging pounding Migraines for good.

I can also testify personally that it will help with the pink eye infection as well. I have a little girl who I used it on to get rid of her pink eye.

The creator of the crème said that it even helps shrink and get rid of the shingles. Read the story below and see if you'd like a sample to try for your self.

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Read my personal story here in this blog of how I used Country Kitchens cures recipe to cure and treat my Mersa ( Mrsa ) Staph Infection.

I also wrote a story in there about how it has rid me of Migraine headaches and even how it helped with my little girls pink eye.

Read it here... it's well worth the little bit of your time to help yourself out.

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Check out some of the ingredients in the Country Kitchen cures recipe. The recipe is good for a hugh variety of problems and illnesses.

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I found real good homemade cure for Migraine Headaches and Mersa ( Mrsa ) Staph Infection. Gods country kitchen cures recipe has a ton of homemade remedy cures for all your ailments 

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This is Millard Jacobs, the sole owner of, we are looking for partners who are interested in going into a partnership with us on a consignment deal. We have been around for over 4 years now and have gained a lot of notoriety in the USA and World. Me and my site were accused of patent violation by segway and ninebot even though we own no patents or have designed anything that has been to the market.

Ninebot recently bought out segway but still tried to get the USA Government to do a Cease and Desist order against even though we have never patented and developed any products, much less violate any patents. The government ultimately decided not to do a cease and desist against us and just issued a general exclusion order that we fall under with the manufacturers who are mentioned in the suit. ( In other words we can still sell )

We have worked with companies such as freego, inmotion, robstep, Airwheel and ninebot just to name the top few we are associated with and have worked with.

We are looking for a partner who is interested in working with us and becoming a global name... we receive traffic from all over the usa and world all the time inquiring about our products. ( for a company with no inventory we have made quite a few good influential friends throughout the world, but no one so far has been willing to capatalise on our good name and reputation to help themselves and us at roboscooters ), Allot of people find our company roboscooters and inquire about our products but do not order as often as they should due to the fact we have to have our products sent directly from china most of the time....

We are looking for a company or companies who we can and are willing to work with us on a mutual trust basis to gain world notice. We seek a consignment type of deal with one or more manufacturers who want to get their name out there and need a trust worthy company.

We have many references we can divulge as we have wired thousands of dollars to china over the last 4 years to have the products drop shipped to our customers. What we seek now is a better business model with a confident company who is willing to work with roboscooters so that we can have stock and ship directly from our location in NC.

Feel free to email me at or call 1-800-708-4751 or 1-910-373-3017 and ask for millard. I am open to suggestions and welcome any comments. ( At present we receive Between 300 and 500 visitors a day to our websites and blogs about personal transportation and electric scooters )

Thanks in advance and we look forward to working with a select few companies who share our vision of bringing personal transportation scooters to a public that might not of otherwise known about them.

Millard Jacobs/ CEO and Sole owner of 

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HB-15 Personal Electric Transporter
Works just like a ninebot Segway does off of balance, lean forward to go forward and backward to go backward,... lean and steer system.

Half the price of a ninebot Segway at only $1499.00 with Free USA Shipping.  ( International Customers will have to be Quoted Shipping )

We have the HB-15 in stock and provide a tracking number in 24 to 48 hrs by ups.  There are a very limited supply of the HB-15 electric Scooters and once they are gone as we do not know if we will be able to get any more due to the ninebot Segway deal.

We have access to the stock from one of our many suppliers here in the usa who Segway and ninbot overlooked in their international trade dispute over patents.

Roboscooters has never invented anything or imported anything into the usa in our Roboscooters name, yet somehow we were mentioned in an international trade suit and accused of patent violation? Mean while the Much Larger and Prosperous websites were spared?  Hmmmm

We do have access to this stock though and at only $1499.00.  You cannot go wrong as it's half the price of the equivalent ninebot personal transporter ( the ninebot that bought out Segway )

We cannot legally sell these transporters to anyone due to legal reasons, but there is no reason we cannot make sure our good customers get access to the better deals out there by connecting the dots.

If you are ready to order you can send an email to and we will get a payment request out to you for the total.

Once you place your order send us a copy of the payment details and we will confirm your shipping address,  color choice and phone number for the shipper ( usp tracking number )

Roboscooters has been around going on 4 years now and are Well aware of Segway and Ninebot as we are sure they are still aware of us as well.

We have tried to work out a deal with ninebot Segway but have had no response yet, it appears they do not want to work with us, and we were so hoping we could be apart of ninebots family, but they just keep treating us like an outsider when we knew about ninebot before anyone knew what a ninebot was?

So yes ninebot Segway, we are still open for negotions, the folks who have these transporters are going to sell them one way or another.

1-800-708-4751 for the payment request )

$1499.00 for the HB-15 with Free USA Shipping
Tracking number in 24 -48 hrs
Top Quality without the Price

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Limited Supply of the HB-15 personal electric transporter.   The price with shipping is only $1499.00.

Emails us at for the payment request

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