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Practical web analytics & optimisation tips

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A few tips I shared about using Google Analytics to augment your split testing efforts to the Melbourne Web Analytics Wednesday Group last night.
A quick presentation I did for Web Analytics Wednesday in Melbourne last night. Inside I share a few GA tips which help me run successful AB or MVT split tests.

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I analysed browser fingerprints that I collected on my sites over a few months. In this post I show you why browser fingerprinting remains an unfeasible method for uniquely identifying visitors across the web.

Interestingly though, I believe there are some real applications for this method. I.e. cookieless tracking, tracking visitors wherever they go on the web.

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The latest post is out - it's fairly technical, but I think this will excite developers amongst you.
Split testing tools don't have to cost $100's of dollars (or pounds/euros/kroners for my European friends)... they can be free.

And to prove it I set out to build my own JavaScript split testing tool. FOrtunately someone had already written one. James Yu ( had already done it. I simply made a few updates and decided to share it with the world.

Here it is - the poor man's Optmizely. Hope you enjoy it.

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Writing code that solves peoples problems. IMO, this is one of the best ways you can contribute to the world and leave a legacy.
Very inspiring, though does it really need to feature!
What most schools don't teach #programming #coding  

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What do your page speed reports look like in Google Analytics? Time to optimise your page load times?

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Essential reading for web analysts employed at a company.
Why is it that you don't have a higher salary? Why is it that companies don't invest in becoming smarter (by paying you a higher salary :)?

It is simple. They have no idea how much you are worth. Or your skills. Or the data you use. Or the tools/systems/software/platforms you've deployed.

The dirty little secret of Big Data / Analytics is that it is woefully under-appreciated. Not because there isn't enough data or power in it. Because you have never shown in a compelling way that it is of value. 

+Jesse Nichols has proposed a formula for Return on Analytics (ROA). It is the topic of my latest post. And in classic Occam's Razor fashion not only do you get the formula, you also get a downloadable Excel model you can use to compute ROA for your own analytics investment!


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Scrolling doesn't suck... poor pagination does.

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Be careful about the filters you apply to your account - you might get dodgy data... !

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Yeap... here's another one, guys. Do as +Avinash Kaushik advocates - "Make love to your direct visitors."
My latest post about direct traffic sources and how you may be able to track people who directly share your URL over email or IM.
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