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Cosmic Healing

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A 2 day workshop on Tarot Learning Reading using 2 decks - Rider Waite and Osho Deck.

2 decks, 7 spreads, Guided meditation, Tarot bag, Crystals and lot more...

You can become a professional reader also within few days of practice!


Call me at 998514012 or email me at to BOOK your seat and get more details.

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Who doesn't want MORE MONEY ? In times of capitalist economy surrounded by advertisements with more than ever buying options and asking you shell out your money with a promise of happiness and liking by others.

When we see people posting there honeymoon or vacation photos, or other financial achievements we wonder what they have that we don't ?

How many times you wished that you were born in a richer family, or in another time, another country for better opportunities ?

We ask God for more money, better jobs but do we ask it without a pang of guilt. The feeble doubt that do we DESERVE it along with all the doubts that money is evil would bring you jealousy or threats.

In this workshop we shall be cancelling all vows of poverty or other negative thinking patterns which keeps you away from abundance. Yes abundance is not just in terms of monetary gain but everything from names, fame, needs , opportunities, creative expression and so on 

Using principle of Laws of Attraction and taking help of Angels of Abundance, we shall be cutting chains of limiting beliefs and fly towards abundance.

Also we shall be also looking into Money and Spirituality and set the right virtues for it.

And most important focusing on Your Life Purpose and how you can take support of your Guardian Angels ad start working towards it.

I took deliberate time to create this workshop as I worked with Angels of Abundance myself over just a period of 3- 4 months to come out of ashes.

Session 1 : Cleansing ,Grounding & Shielding with Angels
Session 2 : Cancelling vows of poverty and limiting beliefs
Session 3 : Relationship with Money
Session 4 : Connecting with Angels of Abundance
Session 5 : Life Purpose Oracle Card Reading

Each participant would be getting a Angel Figurine or Pendant and Energized Salt too.

Date : 12th April
Time : 10 am to 2 pm
Energy Exchange : Rs 4000/-
Healers Discount : Rs 500/-
Contact person : Preeti Chugh 96190 02129 and  
                               Shubhra Jain 9985714012
Venue : GT Star, VIP Road

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Welcome to world of Angel Oracle Card. You must have heard or done Tarot Card Reading, and wondering what are Angel Card Reading now. 

Just like we have 78 cards in Tarot we have only 44-52 cards in Oracle decks. Major difference being that Angel deck will have positive connotation. So all those fearsome cards like Death, Tower and Devil are no longer there. 

Like Tarot deck, Angel decks are also used effectively for prediction and guidance. The charm is that these cards help us to connect with our guardian angels and archangels to get their guidance. 

Now the question comes who are angels. They are beings of light whose soul purpose is to help and guide us in our purpose on earth. You can read more about them

We have several oracle decks , you can try your hand on them here

Angels have helped transform several lives, they are waiting for us to connect with them. Angel therapy works hand in hand with affirmation and help you manifest your desires.

In this one day workshop we shall be focusing on following section

1) Introduction to Angels
2) Grounding, Shielding and Cleansing
3) Learning the cards meanings
4) 3 Spreads
5) Guided meditation to meet your Guardian Angels

All this is only Rs 4500/-, one deck and angel figurine would be complimentary!

Date : 11th April
Time : 10 am to 2 pm
Energy Exchange : Rs 4000/-
Healers Discount : Rs 500/-
Contact person : Preeti Chugh and Shubhra Jain
Venue : GT Star, VIP Road

Feel free to drop in for a Angel Card Reading between 10-13th April at same venue.

Whats app Preeti at 9619002129 or Shubhra at 9985714012 to book your seat

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It is well known that healing begins from heart. If you doubt it just remember the last time when you were hurt you couldn't eat or sleep and your body became zombie like. In healing practice we often come across people whom can be called as "LOVE STRICKEN SOULS" or say people having relationship issues.

These days it’s a norm to have multiple relationships . Though normally no one goes into a relationship with thought of break up but when that relationship doesn’t work out we go into a phase . Lets not use the word depression but we land up thinking, "WHY ME?", "WHAT DID I DO?" leading to a feeling of lack of love or unworthiness. At this time many of us also get angry with the source or divinity. Often we carry the pain or missed learnings from one relationship to other.

Also we may carry many other patterns in our life from one relation to other, or one past life to other and also inherit patterns from ancestors. Believe me you know very well what those patterns are. For example each guy you meet ditch you on pretext of inter caste. Or you always fall for a person younger to you. All these are patterns which can be rooted in past life or childhood. In your family all aunts are unmarried or all men have affairs.

Relationships are not just love relationships. Many people have very strained relation with their parents. Such pattern may be carry forward to your child too.

Hence, guided to create a one day "HEART HEALING BY ANGELS WORKSHOP", where we shall be discussing various such patterns, ways to identify and break them. Most importantly with help of Angels let go of those patterns and karma to set you FREE.

After the success of the Heart Healing Workshop in Hyderabad taking the workshop to next city, Raipur. You can know about the last workshop here

Session 1 : Cleansing ,Grounding & Shielding with Angels
Session 2 : Heart Chakra Meditation
Session 3 : Forgiveness Heals
Session 4 : Calling in Your Soulmate/ Karma Releasing

Each participant would be getting a Rose Quarts Angel or Pendant and Energized Salt too.

Date : 10th April
Time : 10 am to 2 pm
Energy Exchange : Rs 4000/-
Healers Discount : Rs 500/-
Contact person : Preeti Chugh
Venue : GT Star, VIP Road

For more information 
EMAIL ME or WhatsApp me or any further information @ 9985714012

#TheCosmicHealing #ShubhsTarot

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My dream project of conducting a Tarot Learning Workshop coming true !
Thanks God, my Mom, my husband and all participanting friends to be part of it.
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Hi Friends,

Last day to register for the course is Sunday. I have the decks available. Please confirm your seat and come and meet me this weekend and collect your deck. I will do Tarot Initiation for you and share pre Workshop exercises. Share with your friends also. 

Existing Tarot readers will have discounted fees and would have to arrange decks themselves.
Couple or 2 Friends discount applicable.

Wondering how you can learn in just two days!
Your course actually starts the day of your registration. I would be sharing pre workshop exercises and workbook.
Each of you would be getting individual sessions also after the workshop

What's app me at 9985714012 to discuss more.


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Let your better halves watch cricket match while you travel to mystical worlds with Angels to heal your heart!!

This workshop designed for a day is for all those people who have love or relationship related issues. You just know when your Heart is unable to enjoy love and joy.

So let the Angels help you heal your relationships, release you from dis empowering thoughts and make you FREE FROM past life karmas, allowing you to embrace LOVE fully in your life.

Each of the following sessions would be more 1-1:30 hrs :

1) Cleansing, Grounding and Shielding
2) Chakra Basics and Cleansing
3) Heart Chakra Meditation
4) Forgive to be Free
5) Karma Releasing 
6) Call in your soulmate

@ Rs 5000/- only.

Each participant would be getting a Rose Quarts Angel and Energised Salt too.

So whats app or call 9985714012 to book your seat now!

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Romance Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue are so beautiful and are just perfect for all love and romance related questions.

Call me at 91-9985714012 or email me at to get a reading at 20% discounted price just for THIS WEEK.

Enjoy the week of love and pamper yourself.

#thecosmichealing #shubhstarot

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Added photos to Tarot Learning Workshop.
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