RE: Intellectual Patent Law

I invent and patent a way to "sync Mac's, Windows and Linux" in real time - modulo internet connection.

Is that excellent? My "patent" might be:

a. update a text/image/document file and notification is published
to my "site" that updates are present and will be distributed.

b. Write a single character into a file and the "cloud" will make it
universal for all "cloud" receivers.

c. Take a picture and all my devices see it.

d. No "site" is necessary. Change a character and
it is published to ALL SUBSCRIBERS.

These issues are so obvious to any who tries to solve the problem,
that only "A LOT OF WORK" separates those who "envision" from
those who "benefit from" that technology.

Only unique technologies, easily recognized by most humans as
unique should be be granted 17 year patents, IMO!

I'm thinking that is what our founders had in mind when
they put the "patent" clause in the US Constitution.
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