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Gray only exists because we have not taken the time to determine the black and white of the situation.
Gray only exists because we have not taken the time to determine the black and white of the situation.

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It appears that the Republican establishment (and Trump) are attempting to pass a horrible healthcare bill. We can't sit back and expect things to work out. We need to act!

Republicans have said for years that they would Repeal Obamacare. As the years progressed they changed their tune to Repeal and Replace. Now they are just saying Replace. And worse, yet, that is actually a lie. The current bill being brought up in the House is actually an Update bill. Meaning, they are trying to add on to a massive building that is already built on a very faulty foundation.

We need to completely tare down the house and dig up the foundation. Everything must go! Make sure you contact your Representative and Senators and let your voice be heard.

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What happens when you build on a faulty crumbling foundation? You get a new building that is a disaster waiting to happen. The same goes with Health Care in this nation. Anything short of a complete repeal of "Obamacare" is a disaster waiting to happen. You can't build something better on top of a faulty foundation. These senators need your support and encouragement!

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Some great reminders for those wanting to create something that will maintain its audience. 

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I was imagining this same scenario a couple days ago. Just like when the car repairman puts dye into your car to determine where the leaks are, the Trump Administration needs to put "dye" into the government to see from where the leaks are coming. 
If it’s a strategy, it’s a good one. If it’s really just an overzealous reporter who didn’t do the homework necessary before printing this type of news, then it’s nothing more than a convenient feather in the administration’s cap. Either way, the media should be concerned.

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Good reminders here and this is just an example from the entire article.

Economic Goal
Left: Equality
Right: Prosperity

Primary Role of the State
Left: Increase and protect equality
Right: Increase and protect liberty.

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I have always loved Wendy's and now they show that they can do more than just create an awesome tasting Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. 

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Every Stone Temple big data SEO & Social Media study on one page!

Something is messed up when we see Facebook trending a Yahoo News story referencing an article on TheWrap about Trump ridiculing NBC News (and CNN) about NBC News critiquing a Trump interview on Fox News.
Who cares!?!?!?!?!?!?! How many different media companies can we get into one single "news" story?

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According to the average modern progressive, "One can have 'real freedom' or the Constitution, but not both." This is just one of many attacks they have been conducting against limited government in favor of legalized plunder. However, their anti-state rights philosophy may be evolving again as they are no longer in power on the national level. But remember this change is only temporary and just for their own convenience. They can't stand individual freedom unless it is their own so they will return to a centralized all-powerful government mentality soon.
Yet for all the inspiration the left’s animus towards the Electoral College draws from it, the 2016 election is only its immediate cause. Antipathy to the federal nature of the United States is an elemental precept of American progressivism. The invective directed at the Electoral College is but the latest incarnation of an enmity that has already targeted the Senate, the existence of the states, and even the Constitution itself.

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If the prices are good, I would love this! Where is the Aldi's version? :)
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