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Steelers Fan in AZ!
Let's talk STEELERS
Let's talk STEELERS

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In San Diego with all the STEELERS fans! 

So this is where we say, "it's just preseason"...

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Love this helmet design! Any chance it could become reality someday...? 

Heart breaker! Not going to be able to sleep. Injuries and age killing us!!!

I'm going to Pittsburgh in September for work. Not close enough to a home game to attend, but does anyone have any suggestions for something to do on a weekday?  

At this rate, the Steelers will be nearly unrecognizable next year! I need to spend some time researching the new faces...and mourning the old...

I hate the Ravens! However, I respect the Ravens as a good team. I had to cheer for them over the 49ers for many reasons. But reason number 1 - SIXBURGH still alone at the top!

Unbelievable win yesterday! I love when the Steelers win. I really love when they beat the Ravens. I really, really love it when they beat the Ravens short-handed and showing how truly pathetic Baltimore's offense is!

Plaxico?!  Say it ain't so!!! Hopefully he's had a BIG SLICE of humble pie. Otherwise, he can take his (still mostly present) skills and ... well, I guess I'll be nice.

M. Wallace got some humble pie this year...dropping passes and fumbling the ball. Hopefully he'll stay "team" and lose the "me".

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Say it ain't so! The Hines Ward era is coming to an end :(
All great things come to an end. Hines, we'll miss you bro!!! Thanks for the 14 years of kicking a$$ ...
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