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Two women. Half the population. Several thousand years of history. Go.
Two women. Half the population. Several thousand years of history. Go.

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Hi, all! (hello...echo...echo...?) This is Susan. I realize that we really don't post a lot on this page. Quite honestly we started it with the thought that perhaps we would do a book or movie club hangout at some point. That is not out of the question, but (and I know the social media folks will gasp) we really didn't want to use it as a place to promote the podcast and gain new listeners but rather to meet and get to know those of you who already listen or read our website. 

When I realized that all I was posting was announcements of new episodes it felt, well, icky, so I stopped. A Today in Women's History a-day or historical posts from across the web just so we can post SOMETHING and keep in front of you was never our original intent or how we use social media so we don't and won't do that, either. 

Today I just wanted to post our new logo (designed by the amazing Lisa Graves, the History Witch) and leave this message to let you know we didn't abandon G+, we keep an eye on it and will post whenever we have something to say. If you have an interest in a book or movie club ( women's history based, of course) let us know.

And if you want to just say, "Hi", we're here for that, too. 

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We just posted a new episode about her story arc filled life of the Queen of Crime,  Agatha Christie! iTunes, Stitcher Radio, directly from our website or however you get your podcasts!

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We have a new episode available! Season Five opens with a look at the life of Carry (Carrie) Nation. Birth to death -a chat about the woman who boldly took a stand towards correcting what she felt was the cornerstone of all societies woes. (Isn't that a nice way to say, "she madly took a hatchet to saloons to try and stop the flow of alcohol"?)

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We've posted a new episode! Part two of our trip back to ancient Egypt this time for a chat about Cleopatra VII.

Give a listen on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or from our website.

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New episode is up! We're going to take a trip back to ancient Egypt, first with a chat about Hatshepsut, and next Cleopatra. Give a listen on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, your favorite podcast catcher or from our website. 

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We've posted Part Two of our Elizabeth 1 chat. It's available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or via our website. Thanks for the patience, life has thrown us both some curve balls of late that slowed down the posting just a bit.

Ahh life, just when you think you have a system working...BOOM!

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We often talk about our beloved historical chicks, but we can chat about the roosters, too! And now you can see us while we do! In addition to Hank-8, you can find us on the videos of Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth I, Nefertiti, and Louis XIV.  A few more are coming soon.

And we know, you are waiting for Part 2 of the Elizabeth I  podcast- that's coming soon, too. 

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We've been a little quiet of late for some really fun reasons (as well as holiday happenings, family obligations and other activities that would bore you). We could be annoyingly vague about those plans, so let's just say we have some things in store for 2014 that you might enjoy- and leave it at that for now. 

We have, however, posted part one of a two-part chat we had about Queen Elizabeth I. All of the media links are on the shownotes (this link), just in case you were anxious to dig farther into the life of this remarkable woman right away. Available on our website, Stitcher Radio, iTunes or however you get your podcast fix.

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There is a new episode available! We talk about the dramatic life and art of Frida Kahlo. You can download from iTunes, Stitcher Radio or directly from our website.

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We've been getting a lot of emails and PMs regarding our whereabouts. Good news: we are fine, and touched by your concern.

Bad news: Our finished and ready episode about Frida Kahlo has experienced a series of unfortunate tech related incidents. It will still be a few more days until we can release her.

We had wanted to be able to hand you all Frida before we asked this, but time is a'wastin'. If  you have liked what we have done this past year, please consider nominating us for The Podcast Awards in the EDUCATION category. You can only fill out the nomination bracket once, so make sure that you enter all your favorite podcasts. We have been nominated every year thanks to listeners, and we are very appreciative of that.

 We'll let you know when voting starts (if we are nominated, we're kind of late in getting this information out) and probably right before voting ends, but that's about it. We aren't going to spam you for votes. Vote or not...we'll keep talking (and we are wrapping up research on the next convo topic now...while trying to free Frida).

Thank you very much!
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