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Need a London based Private Investigator?

We have a dedicated team in our Central London office awaiting instruction.
PDC London - Professional Investigators.

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A Happy Valentine's Day?

For many business such as florists, bars, restaurants, chocolate sellers February the 14th is one of the busiest dates of the year.
Another industry that you might not think of which sees a noticed increase in business and enquiries in the month February is that of the Private Investigator.

Around Valentine’s Day we find that many people are looking to move their relationships to the next step, this can also highlight uncertainly as they consider the other party in their relationship.

In other cases people may start becoming suspicious of their spouses, looking at their relationship and how it has changed over time, and wondering why. And, for people who already suspect infidelity, it can highlight their suspicions further as their partner invents reasons for absences or for evenings away on or close to that special February the 14th date.

There are a multitude of reasons that people in a relationship contact us but the key reason is always trust.

Services the Private Detectives Corporation provide people in relationships can vary from background verification, something we are asked to do much more today than we were ten years ago, as internet dating and online meetings are now such a part of modern life.

Then there are investigations wherein people suspect their partner of cheating and infidelity. We can employ a wide range of services and techniques to verify a persons movements and contacts.

 The questions we regularly see from people contacting us in relationships include 'Is this person who they say they are?', 'Is this persons going where they say they are going?' and ultimately 'Is this persons really being truthful with me?'

 While the news we deliver about peoples relationships is not always positive, one of the things we can bring to people is the truth and also the peace of mind of knowing where they stand, and so, the ability to move forward with their lives.

A recent survey of leading law firms recently revealed that private investigators were employed in over half the divorce proceedings in the UK, largely as wives or husbands tried to establish whether the spouse was having an affair or acting suspiciously.

Some people think that hiring a Private Investigator is something out of the ordinary but really, all kinds of people contact us and if you are considering hiring an investigator about an investigation then the statistics show that you are far from alone.

If you would like to talk to someone about your relationship or concerns then please do call us on 0800 043 6667 or alternatively visit for more information.

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The London Licensed Taxi Drivers Association recently hired private investigators to pose as passengers in order to obtain evidence to be used in a legal battle against booking app Uber.

Read more on our blog.

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From our London based office;
Would you ever consider investigating your prospective partner, bride or groom?

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If you need a Private Investigator then we can help.

We can seek out, examine and collect the information you need, what ever the case may be.

Our clients range from private individuals to blue chip companies and local authorities.  

If you are considering hiring a Private Investigator, give us a call, all initial consultations are offered free of charge.

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A New Year and New Beginnings.

The reputation of the private investigation industry has taken some knocks over the last couple of years, from illegal recordings to corruption in the media and the phone hacking scandal.

So what can the Private Investigations industry expect in 2015 and what can be done to restore the public's faith and trust?

While much talk has been made of the subject of licensing and regulation in the industry as we now enter 2015 there remains no regulatory system in place for private investigators or detectives in the UK.

Nor has the promised licensing system that the UK government said would be introduced by the end of 2014 happened, and looks unlikely to happen in the short term.

It should be said that the industry as a whole exists as there is a market for its services and clients who need help and that the vast majority of private investigators and investigation agencies operate legally and would never be involved in hacking voice-mails or lying in order to gain private information.

Trusted agencies are hired regularly by Local councils and sometimes even local police authorities as it is a cost effective was of achieving results.

There are also times when investigators are hired to re-open or reinvestigate cases which were previously handed by the police by the victims or to find evidence of criminal activity in corporate investigations where the lack of initial hard evidence would mean police interest would be doubtful.

So what exactly does a Private Investigator do ‘legally’ in 2015?

Well as outlined on our website We do a large variety of things for a wide range of clients. From tracing a debtor or a missing person to tracking down witness’ to accidents. We are often employed to verify a prospective employee’s CV or background or by corporate clients to investigate misuse of time and resources in the workplace.

The Private Detectives Corporation has been established for over 20 years and has provided professional and compassionate private detective and investigation services to individuals and businesses alike throughout that time.

Clients that we work for range from FTSE100 companies through to small businesses, solicitors, legal firms and the general public and we treat each and every enquiry in the strictest of confidence and operate in full accordance with the guidelines of the Data Protection Act of 1998.

We look forward to the coming year and whatever it brings and wish all our clients, both old and new, a very prosperous 2015!

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The Private Detectives Corporation would like to wish all of our contacts, our social media followers, blog readers, fellow Private Investigators and our clients past, present and future a happy new year and a very prosperous 2015!

If you need our assistance in the new year please find us at

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