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+My Gimpy Life Episode 1 is here! +Comediva has done a full site takeover of My Gimpy Life today so check out the extra "stuffs"they have going on over there :-D
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We are soooooo excited about this! So much awesome Teal! So much rad +My Gimpy Life! So much fun "stuffs!"  
OMG that was awesome! I'm in a chair too and I related to so much of it. I cringed when the chair rolled away from you because that's actually happened to me. Thankfully I was in a parking lot and it rolled toward someone who was nice enough to bring it back to me. I also loved the 'abandon hope' gag when you went into the alley. I can't wait to see more episodes. 
I've been looking forward to this, and thought it was really funny!  I had missed the elf sabers too, so was glad that youtube helpfully pointed it out.
The last part, when you put your hands on your face and lament, I saw the makeup somewhat "out of tone". And hope next episodes will be longer and more deep; I'd like to see more of each character.
So happy to see this! You are amazing on screen and it's a joy to watch. Can't wait for more eps.
It was awkwardly awesome! Or was it awesomely awkward? Crap! Now I made this awkward. This is totally not awesome.

Either way you were great! Can't wait until the next episode!
+Bryan Paijit  Yay for awkwardness!!!! That's the middle name of the show ;-)  Glad you liked it!! xo
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