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"In order to achieve world government loyalty to traditional family values, national patriotism, and religious dogmas must be rid from man."
"In order to achieve world government loyalty to traditional family values, national patriotism, and religious dogmas must be rid from man."

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Mark Ralph Rowe 11/13/2014 Two Super-Powers Nations - Competition for aOne-Super-Power World Rocket or missile re-entry Spacecraft technologyRussian and American engineering during the 1970’s and 1980’s competedneck and neck side by side gaining inches over the other, battling eachadvance, and only if, in a series of far to many months passing ofwhich no real leap in rocket and missile software was made by the U.S.Government, U.S. Military, or Government Contractors in the privatecorporate sector, then only there might have been a slight possibilityof grave danger to all of humanity, since at this point in time theonly solution for all data would be made with launch sequences of NavalI.C.B.M. missile trajectory paths plotted solutions to immediatelylaunch missiles such as Titan 4 or Titan 5 missiles with averagevelocities between 4,000 and 5,000 miles per hour. U.S. and U.S.S.R.submarine warfare during the 1970’s and 1980’s was enormous inoperational size for both the U.S. Navy and U.S.S.R. Navy (the 2largest Navies in the world), however by 1992 the U.S. Navy was wellover 20 times larger than the Federation of Russia’s Navy. The entire30 years of The Cold War, from 1961-1991 was not talked about that muchduring these years, and is also not talked about much in thetwenty-first century. With Russia’s defeat in Afghanistan, and billionsof dollars lost by the Russian economy, Russia proved the she was notcapable of controlling Central-Asia. The U.S.S.R.’s economy collapsedat the local, regional, and foreign and domestic levels. To the victorgoes the spoil, and the victor of two competing super-powers equalsmilitary and diplomatic fairness in the 21st century. From The ColdWar’s origin, of U.S.A.F. Captain Roger Powers Fighter-Jet shot down bya U.S.S.R. land-missile in 1960, to the multiple C.I.A. assignationattempts to take the life of former Cuban President Fidel Castro,however every attempt was a failure. The 13 Day Nuclear Missile Crisiscreated by the U.S.S.R. and Cuba in 1962; “The Cuban Missile Crisis”.“The Bay of Pigs” to the U.S. Navy’s “Blockade”, not mention that was asuccessful operation, and hence the reason we are all still living onthe earth after the “Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis” was solved and notescalated further and further to the point of (why nuclear weaponsshould never be used at the last resort in any point in time for allmilitary or non-military events in all of time). Former U.S. PresidentJohn F. Kennedy gave the order to the U.S. Navy, and thanks be to God,that J.F.K. chose the correct solution to the benefit of the currentnumber of world population over for over 90% of the 7.2 billion peopleliving on the earth in the current year of 2014. Three great Americanwriters Audoluos Huxley, George Orwell, and H.G. Wells have all writtengreat books about the future global impact of the rapid advancement intechnology, with books so revealing that they portray a functioningsociety on earth, after several nuclear holocausts, just as GeorgeOrwell’s most popular book, “1984.” But the leap in technology that wasso large that it can directly said to be: “What two neighborhoodfriends did that grew up in Berkeley, California (Milano Park) from theyears between 1970-1976 with respect to the most gigantic leap intechnology since the wheel was invented in the Neo-lithic Era is equalto what a little over 100,000 I.B.M employees did in 5,000 years of 8hour office work days (every month of 5,000 years) for everyconsecutive calendar work weeks of two decades for the years between1969-1989, but were still technologically pasted by Apple Corporationfor the years to include: 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982,1983, and for half of the year 1984. The two people that wereneighborhood friends in Berkeley, California during the 1960’s, and1970’s names are Stephen Wozniak, and Steve Jobs. These two men reducedthe physical size of an Analog Gate used for computers and calculatorsmade by I.B.M. and Computer Corporations such as Univac Corp. andComputers using Bell Lab Analog circuits for Analog gates prior to theyear of 1976. Digital Integrated design, implementation, testing,manufacturing, production, and sales was done first by Stephen Wozniak,and Steve Jobs in a garage in Berkeley, California during themid-1970’s! The computer research that both Stephen Wozniak and SteveJobs took part in before the revolutionary breakthrough of StephenWozniak’s Apple 1 in 1976 consisted of (1); making international phonecalls during the years of 1971, and 1972 from Berkeley, California toFrance, U.S.S.R., and Italy. during an entire month during the year of1972 you could not were not allowed to make any phone call to anyoneanywhere because of many problems that electrical engineers could notsolve, day after day, since Stephen Wozniak and Stephen Jobs keptplacing these international phone calls to France, U.S.S.R. and Italyin 1972 from California (2); Stephen Wosnaik and Steve Jobs createdwhat was called a “Blue Box.” Suddenly light after light after lightafter light would turn on at night in one of many neiborhoods inBerkeley, California. These lights were the same size and front andback lights used at events such as the Emmy Awards or the Oscars Awardsin Los Angeles, California. These lights would turn on with the exactsame timing of falling dominoes on a table, if you were to measure thefractions of a second in between each domino hitting the table. Some ofthe homeowners and residents living in those neighborhoods that StephenWosnaik and Steve Jobs had installed the lights would get either wokenup and spooked out, rest of the people were (some of them were moviewriters , hehe) and the rest of the people turned conspiracy theoristconvert and believed that it was an extraterrestrial viewing of humanbeings on earth. The average size of computers at the fastest speedsmaking the most sophisticated calculations at large Universities andsometimes in Corporate America were the size of two to four large 5bedroom houses put together side by side for the decades of the 1950’sand 1960’s. From Harvard University professor John V. Neuman’s Computerat the Harvard University campus. The size of John V. Nueman’s Computerwas over 200 feet long in some sections covering just over a quarter ofmile in total length. It was completed in the early 1950’s. It is stillin Boston, MA, U.S.A. at Harvard University. During World War 2 I.B.M.developed the Hollerith Machine the used punch cards for scientific andmathematical programming and for the management of files created forthe U.S. military, Office of Strategic Services, England and all Leagueof Nations member states to include France, Canada, Australia and othernations that assisted the U.S., and England for the successful win ofWorld War 2. Stewart Shannon was a mathematician that is credited withproving that the Shannon number is largest possible number (for themaximum integer number for any sequence of discrete numbers changing inthe natural progression of any segment of linear time for machine levelcalculations to be carried out at the (word hardware level is removedhere since the year was 1921) that any machine or (the word computer isremoved here, since the year was 1921) making it possible only withStewart Shannon’s mathematical discovery and all of his mathematicalresearch and contributions to Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory,Graph Theory, Group Theory, Game Theory, Ring Theory, Set Theory, andpublished many applications that required combinatorial mathematics,such as used in more powerful electric driven small and large motorsfueled with or with gasoline of which were marketed and sold in theU.S., Europe and around world during the 1920’s 1930’s and 1940’s.Before 1919 was the last year of World War 1, that is 1918. Much ofmachine technology after the Queen of England died in 1901 through 1914was so primitive to the people of the 21st century, that the cultureshock and lack of conviences shock (Car costs 3 times more than yourhouse does, so, a horse and buggy is still the main method travel,Thomas Edison’s light bulb was only available after the year 1926, fora reasonable price that is. Edison’s discovery and application; thelight bulb first came into the world in the last decade of the 19thcentury (1890’s). The national power supply of the U.S.A. is creditedto Mr. Westinghouse, this was completed around the year 1875. AlexanderGraham Bell’s invention of the telephone was first available in NewYork and New Jersey only in five years of the 19th century and of allof the the 20th century (for the whole of the United States of Americaand also for all of the 21st century (obviously). The camera was onlyavailable after the mid-1880’s. So If I was or someone was born beforethe year 1879, I would not have a car, not have electric powered lightto see around my house, traveling back and forth between work with ahorse, and would not ever had the luxury of taking one picture of myfamily or grandchildren. So in all fair comparison I now need toexpound upon the leaps in Russian military technology that sometimeshad the U.S. beat for days, weeks, or even months at time during “TheCold War Era from 1961-1991.” I also need to point out invention intechnology and engineering that arose in the U.S.S.R. (or in theU.S.S.R. name removed to her current name, that is, the RussianFederation referring only to the Post-Cold War Era, such as the year of2013 is the same. The world that we are current living in is currentlycalled the Era in history called the “Post-Cold War Era.”
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