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NO no no no

Just because this chili doesn't have beans does not mean this is a Texas chili.  Coriander and chocolate?  What the actual fuck is wrong with the NY Times?  Is this like a mole chili?  Mole would make it mexican chili though, does the NY Times understand that Mexico is not part of Texas.  This makes those old Pace picante sauce commercials even more relevant.

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This is really amazing!

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FALLACY REF is the best collection of memed logical fallacies in the history of memed logical fallacy collections.

I did some quick Google sleuthing and could not find the original source, but [EDIT] I have been told it was Glen Welch, to whom my sincerest thanks.

Now go. Share. Fill the internet with logic awareness. Future generations will thank you.

H/t to +Jane Skau​ for bringing this wonderfulness to my attention!

#logicalfallacies   #meme  
Fallacy Ref
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The last three days IITC seems to want to randomly shuffle my Folders & Bookmarks and they sync the new layout to my devices???

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Today when I bring up the desktop this is what I get...screen other seems to be working.

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I'm ready!

RIP Phil Everly...thanks for the memories! 

Chrome/Tampermonkey version not running (no script is running)...the mobile app appears to be working just fine!

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That's a hangout!
So Picard, Spock, and Gandalf walk into a bar...
in Coney Island!!!

#geekhumor   #startrek  
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