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Who would have thought Paris is such a startup oriented place?

We just replaced our entire workflow for creating features that involve design to +Adobe Creative Cloud Experience Design instead of #Sketch.

Process now fully handled:

- Wireframing;
- Designing;
- Prototyping

AND I get to use that on my #Surface. Because Adobe Experience Design supports #Windows, unlike Sketch.

Anybody who's trying that out too and has feedback?

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Let's find a way to watch this. This all concerns us, no matter where we come from, what language we speak, or how we view the world.

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This guy calls it brilliant. If you read the article, he had to mention more than 5 apps to be able to do everything he mentions.

Just saying, in China I get to use my weChat app to pay for ALL of those things. It does not require great effort, and it is supported by even some of the smallest supermarkets at the corner of the street.

The hell a wallet replacement, the way he describes it I'd rather keep my wallet!!

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I love it already #DawnOfJustice   #DoJ   #batmanvsuperman  

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Wanted to share a little bit on how we decided to approach #Growth and #Product at Teambition, figured you might be interested y'all:

let me know your thoughts!!

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There is only one picture that gets me really excited about IKEA's new #Space10 initiative:

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Google, seriously, I love you.

#StarWars #ForceAwakens #Googlerocks

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Hey guys,

I want to get started with Windows Universal development, not good at programming and haven't done anything in there for years.

With what do you guys suggest I start?
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