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We have just announced the winners of our 2013 Breakthrough of the Year and its the "IceCube South Pole Neutrino Observatory" and their 28 cosmic neutrinos including Bert and Ernie!

We will be hosting a live Hangout this afternoon at 4pm UTC with the IceCube guys.... and will even have some one joining us via Skype form the South Pole! It will be very exciting, so do join us and tell your mates!

Read about all 10 of our Breakthroughs here:
On Friday 13th December Physics World will be unveiling the winner of its Breakthrough of the Year 2013. We will be doing a live Google Hangout with our winners after 4pm UTC on Friday. Please tune into either this Google+ page or Physics World's YouTube Channel to see our winners live and ask them your questions.

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Just learning of the mantis shrimp courtesy of the beautiful and hilarious comic via +Matthew Inman aka The Oatmeal? Find out more about this animal's astonishing skills, in this special issue of Physics World on animals and their "magical" powers. And there's a few other animal superpowers that might surprise you! Go on, it's available as a free download!

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Take a look at my pick of the best pictures we have had on +Physics World  this past year. Pictures include a meerkat, a robotic jellyfish engineered from rat-tissue, levitating drops and DNA origami!

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Its the end of the year, so here is a run-down of all things physics to look forward to for 2013

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Been down with the norovirus this winter? Read all about it. OR just read it to meet "Vomiting Larry" , the robot who is suffering for a good cause!

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Analysing real data from the Large Hadron Collider in a Hangout

[Please do pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in this activity!]

So, I'm thinking of using some real data from the LHC collected by +CMS Experiment (see link below) to conduct a short data-analysis exercise via a G+ Hangout, where anyone who wants to can join me in performing a very basic but impressive measurement. I'll give a very short introduction to CMS and the data we will analyse before we dive in. The analysis itself involves classifying some collision events by eye (as in the image) and using this to probe the inner structure of the proton.

I can do it sometime next week or during the CERN Christmas break (between 22nd December and 1st January). The latter option is particularly of interest because I might be able to take you on a virtual tour of the CMS detector, located 100m underground at that time –– which, you have to admit, would be really cool! (We can probably have more than one session as well!)

The event display is web-based (see example at the link below), and the only other tool we will need is a Google Spreadsheet.

I have to figure out the logistics, because I can have a maximum of 19 teams analysing the data (each team analysing 100 collision events), but a Hangout can only include nine other participants, besides me. I'm sure we can come up with a solution, though. Maybe we can have one main Hangout with people jumping in if there are any questions, supported by 19 separate Hangouts with each of the teams going through their own data.

As I said above, please pass this to anyone you think would like to join, and if they comment below, I'll send an invite when I have a date/time in mind. Please note, that I am not a physicist myself, so I might not be able to answer some of the trickier questions you might have. :P This is a fun activity and is a great introduction to how the LHC works.

Link to CMS public data:
Image copyright: +CERN

Ping: +Jonathan Langdale, +Jaana Nyström, +Liz Krane, +Fraser Cain, +Natalie Villalobos, +Arnav Kalra, +Rajini Rao, +Cyrus Khan, +Shiraz Siddiqui, +Steven Goldfarb, +Kenneth Read, +Jonathan Butterworth, +Chris Robinson

#science   #education   #outreach   #LHC   #realdata   #particlephysics   #scienceeveryday

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Absolutely lovely! Made my morning and probably my day. Thanks +Achintya Rao !
~ download, print & share: scribblegraph bookmark ~
[link: ]

Share this post with people who love books:)

Reading is an enormously important thing in my life, and reading with my daughter is one of the most special times we share. I'm currently reading her The Hobbit which is incredible: seeing someone discover Tolkien's world for the first time.

Anyway - I've been planning to make something like this for a while, just as a way to say thank you to all of you. Download it · Print it · Share it

· Useful tips for successful bookmark operation ·

#1 · Always read with a pen handy. When you read something you like, some little idea you fall in love with, you can write the page number on the back of the bookmark. Leave the bookmark in this book forever so that one night when you're having a dinner with friends and discussing literature, and you want to quickly find that special passage in the book - hey presto! All the special page numbers are written right there. You'll thank me for this one day.

#2 · Print this on different kinds of paper and make a range of different coloured bookmarks. Share them with friends and make them read more, even if they argue. Hit them with books until they stop arguing. Everyone should read more. Reading is good for your brain.

#3 · Keep a few of these bookmarks spare in your handbag/wallet. If you see someone cute, it's a pretty classy thing to write your phone number on. Most importantly, they would never throw it away because bookmarks are just plain handy. So they'll keep it and even if they don't call you right away, one day they will be reading a book and see the bookmark and call you. I promise. This bookmark will most likely get you in touch with your future husband/wife/stalker*. You never know, so you better try it and find out.

Seriously though - thank you - all of you, so very much:)

* any relationship that eventuates as a direct result of this bookmark is guaranteed to be wholly fulfilling in every way. Trust in the bookmark.

#scribblegraph   #books   #reading  

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