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Tomorrow is the big day!
After ump-teen million trips to Lowes, we are ready to close.  We have one final walk-through at 1pm tomorrow.  Then we go to closing at 4pm.  There are a lot of projects on the to-do list this coming week.  1.  Stencil the pantry then put up shelving. 2.  ...

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New at the Bluffs and an update from JP
The Bluffs newest neighbors had their pre-construction meeting today.  JP was touring a staked out lot #9039 with them.    So far we have #9039, then #9041 and hopefully #9055 in the lineup.     The Wyndham for Lot #9039      A Pinehurst I for lot #9041 tho...

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Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Tuesday we reach the 12 week mark from the day we started excavation.  It has been 27 weeks since we walked into Susan's office at Inverness Homes. Some days it feels as if we have barely begun and other days it seems like it's taking forever.  The closer w...

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Wonderful Neighbors.
We were finally able to meet Cathy and John. Their U-haul was in the driveway and we took our chance. I brought over their house warming gift. They are a really wonderful couple. It's going to be so nice to be surrounded by friendly neighbors. 

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We met with JP today and thanked him for a beautiful home with a case of Heineken.  The framing crew got a case Corona the other day. My arch should be in place some time next week.  It looks like the crew is putting the barrier on the roof today. Next week...

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Framing Day 9
I timed my visit perfectly today.  The crew were on their lunch
break.  I had free reign to roam about.  The hard hat had disappeared so
I lucked out. It looks quite a bit different when you have a roof over your head. My boyfriends precious garage They f...

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Framing Day 7
Thanks to last weeks rain delays, we have gone into another week of framing.  From the looks of it, they are getting ready to finish up this week. I pulled up to see the crew prepping the trusses.  Hopefully within the next couple of days they'll be placing...

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Brought to you by Pinterest...
It's my day off today.  I'm feeling a bit like a school age girlfriend who doesn't want to smother her new boyfriend.  I REALLY want to go over to the house to watch for signs of life.  BUT instead I am sitting at my desk daydreaming about my future home. A...

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The blogging world
I am still figuring out this whole blogging world.  I have no idea how to browse or find other blogs.  I actually just happened to be looking at kitchen design ideas on Pinterest and a link sent me to a blog of someone building a house by Ryan Homes. Citrus...

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Partial backfill
Well we must have passed our last inspection as the backfilling has begun. It's starting to look different just by pushing around some dirt.   They spread more gravel in what will be our driveway.  They also filled in the porch They need to finish filling i...
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