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If they ever re-run this, don't hesitate and take it :) It's really useful if you want to get a preview of what Data science has to offer. Just keep in mind that there's programmation involved, so don't dive if you're not into that at all.

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In 2 days time, I've stumbled upon 2 great things:

- Pontypool : May sound like a silly name for an "horror" movie, but it's not. I still wasn't able to categorize it either into "Z" movies or just plain fun. And no, it's not frightening.

- You don't know Jack on Facebook. Hours of gameplay against my companion that just surfaced when I saw the news today. I'll be following the game, see if it's worth the trouble...

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Yep, I finaly got it. On a side note, it was really a pure moment of joy.

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"No! No no! Please! Not me! You don't need me! Why would you need me? I'm old! I'm fat! I'm blue! You can't need me!"

Dorium, Dr Who, season 6

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Today, I went to the centre of BXL and there were installing some art for the zinneke parade of next week. This old car seems to be ready to contain a mechanical aquarium, with a shark fin, a mermaid tail, a little fish and some giant clamp holding a little disco ball as a pearl. Men those people took 3 months assembling this pure moment of childhood (you know it's basically just wheels and ropes and basic mechanics). But it felt sooo damn good watching it moving.

Now I wonder if they'll fit the tank with water. And if it will still spin :)

Credits: the first pic (car) was taken by the organizers, not by myself.
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I experienced three very different things today, that made me feel just alive and well.

1) I went "downtown" and it was the gay pride celebration. It was colorful, joyful and simply made me smile a lot (okay even if political parties float just didn't seem to fit (we're 6 months before local elections so...)). There was music everywhere. Nothing spectacular, just typical electro-beat and stuff. This reminded me of a show we saw not so long ago, in the museum of art and history. It was a group of african dansers, just some basic drums and other instruments. Just powerful, going deep down with the basses. Even if you don't know how to danse, these kinds of things just get yourself moving.

2) Some artisans were organizing their stuff for the zinneke parade of next week in the street. I'll post a pic or two just after this post, it was just amazing. (

3) And finaly tonight, after this day already full of #itmademyday stuff, one of my friends shares this superb video about dancing (just below, by the way). If you don't know it yet, I'm a big fan of coincidences and they just seem to happen all the time in my life.


Sweet sweet memories

1) Final Fantasy 13
2) Diablo

I decided to give a shot again at FF13 last week. I stopped it 1 year or so ago, for reasons I can't completely remember, except maybe because it felt really tough at the time. I thought it would just be a real pain to get the grip again, with the real time combat system that doesn't quite allow you to make mistakes. It wasn't.
The most difficult part was in fact the story. With all the lingo, I just felt lost when reading the loading screen. I even had that awkward feeling of "this is not the game I saved, I wasn't that far". FF13 did its job, providing me with the journal of events to put all the pieces back together.


More than 10 years now since some fresh gameplay on the Diablo series. Even if I reinstalled the game once or twice (ok probably even more than that, I lost the count) since, the open beta of this weekend was just perfect (at least as far as timing is concerned).

I won't complain on error 37 for too long, others did well enough.

We took a look at the game for something like 2 hours, when the servers were available. We tested the wizard and the witch doctor (even if the latest didn't seem to be the first choice for many around).

Things that made me "oohh you can do thaaat":
- destroy environment
- auto-collect gold
- same sounds for many actions as in D2
- save Deckard Cain :) (srly ?!)
- play a voodoo like witch thing that can summon dogs that just rock it

On the negative side, not so many things to say in fact, except for the biggest one every player has pinpointed:
- Ever heard of a skill tree anyone?
Okay, I didn't went far into the game and maybe you can start really finetuning your character the way you want, but it didn't seem obvious.
A minor drawback for me was also that my laptop couldn't make it. Just a bit frustrated that the video card didn't even met the minimal requirements.

To sum it up, will I be taking a week off when the game is available? I don't think so. Even for a stress test, the experience was still painful in solo. The game lagged several times (freeze, "restarting" where you were 1 second ago) and I'm not sure things will be better in the few days following the release. On the long run however, I'll probably consider buying it.

Stepping again in old shoes can make you a bit wary of the end result. But geez, you never know until you try it :)

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Push to add drama :) This actually #mademyday !

NB: Anyone knows where this happened? It says "an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town"...

Getting back on your feet

I've been taking my distances from G+ recently. Totally cut off. Not checking anyone's activity.
I've been consolidating myself at home, outside, at the local pool. Trying to get back to something. Doing what I've been wanting/needing to do for the past two years. Sorting things out. Reading more than what I've done in the last year.

Yes, I've lost my job. No, this doesn't mean I'm desperate. Nor in the need to immediately get back to something. I want to do great things. I want passion in my work. If I need 3 or 6 or 9 months to find people interested in really working with me (not barely using me as a "human ressource"), I'll take them.

In the meantime, I'm trying things out. Learning. Watching TED talks. One of them led me to find something "that makes my day", everyday. No exception. Should I share it publicly? Don't know if others would find it interesting. Or if I did, should I be explaining the why? Or would finding meaning by yourself be enough?

I can't be as wordy as +Youssef Hachhouch when explaining my personality or why or how and such.

I've decided to get to know myself by trying new things out.

I did paintball this weekend. Something I never did before. I exhausted myself completely. Running, hiding, shooting my friends (in the most civil ways, of course :)). I wasn't someone anymore, I was something. Ok and I was also a very bad shooter, accuracy around 5% but who cared? The sun was shining, the protections I wore were ugly but comfy, the mask made me hear my breathing so loudly I could barely think something more elaborate than "where in the name of heck did this one come from?".

This is a happy time. This was a perfect day. And if yesterday my whole body was aching, it was totally worth it.

Come on, bring it on. I'm ready :)

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Ticking clock on Only 6 hours left? Anyone heard anything that makes sense around that thing? Only a porting of a Baldur's Gate game on another platform? Or something new :) ?
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