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Jo Zebedee
Writer of sci fi and fantasy. Dark as hell. Characters close enough to touch.
Writer of sci fi and fantasy. Dark as hell. Characters close enough to touch.

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On beta readers
One thing I get asked a lot when running courses etc is how to get beta readers, how many to have and what sort of skills they need to have. Firstly, though - what are beta readers? They're readers who look at the early manuscript and tell me all my horrors...

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On motivation
MOTIVATING YOURSELF TO WRITE Sometimes going onwards can be a trial. Sometimes getting
started can be difficult. Sometimes editing can be a grind. I see so many writers
who can’t finish a project. They can start things, over and over. They might
even be abl...

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On trying to force things
There's a lot of discussion around at the moment about authors not finishing books and series that they started (usually around Pat Rothfuss and GRRM). Now, I am generally a personal fan of trying to finish things that I start, but I think something that ge...

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Abendau - relaunch!
I wasn't sure if I'd get this blog out today or not, but things are happening on the Abendau front. Firstly, I now have the rights to the full trilogy reverted to myself. This is, I will stress, very amicable and very much what I wanted, and I'm very gratef...

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For the love of a good library
This week, discussions about piracy have been rife in many forums. The usual - Piracy is theft, rebutted by the notion that downloading free pdfs of my books isn't stealing, but doing me a favour. I'll not get into that here but talk about something else th...

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On self belief
As ever, these things dovetail and I've had a couple of online interactions with writers talking about how self belief can be a barrier. This can take a number of sideroads in terms of impact: 1. I don't believe in what I'm writing, and therefore don't have...

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Mojo matters
I've been quiet for a couple of weeks. During that time, I've been struggling with my writing - and it's difficult to sustain a writing blog when you aren't actually writing. I've had a short story to do for an anthology that refused to come. I finished the...

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Those awkward fat ladies
A few weeks ago, I did an apologetic Steve Redgrave Never-let-me-into-another-boat style blog. There would be no Inish Carraig 2. It wasn't working. It would never work. I was doing it for all the wrong reasons - to please others, not because I had a story ...

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Sff cons - paying your way
Right now, lots of my sff mates are boogie-ing at Fantasycon. Next weekend I'll be at Octocon. We are on panels, we are on the programme - and almost all of us will pay for the privilege to do so. Octocon will cost me in the region of €400 - and I can't wai...

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