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Brady facepalm. My favorite. 

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Thought-provoking as always

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I wonder if someone paid the guy to fake the review or if he really just hates Tesla?

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So yeah, those 'for you' playlists made by Google's Music App are usually spot on as far as matching genres and songs, etc.

I was listening to an 80s mix of some sort and the next song that popped up was 'Survivor - Eye of the Tiger'.  I was going to lol and skip it, but let it start.

Once the music started playing, I realized that it wasn't the Eye of the Tiger I remembered.  It's the Eye of the Tiger remix of 'We Be Clubbin' by Ice Cube and company.  LOL, not exactly 80s.

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Too good not to share.  Gotta publicly call out batshittery so everyone can make fun of it.  Feel free to pile on and laugh at this stupid fucker.  Failed bailouts of Chrysler and GM.  The holocaust would not have happened because MOAR GUNZ!!!  LOL.  This is the very definition of batshittery.

+Matt Haldeman 
"You obviously DO NOT know your history if you think for one second that Hitler did not disarm the people........ he could not have overthrown and started the Holocaust if the citizens had their guns to protect themselves with. He did it the same way he had his soldiers round up the Jews..... at gunpoint. Only a Fool does not believe that history has repeated itself!!"

"I hate to say it +Brian Durden , but you are a fucking idiot if you think for one second that what Obama did in his first term was better than ANYTHING Bush did..... it is a proven FACT that Obama in his first 3 years increased the debt by more money than all presidents from Washington to Bush combined! HE is responsible for the failed stimulus packages AND the failed bailouts of GM and Chrysler plus many other companies! He has made ZERO government spending cuts and has instead INCREASED government spending which increased the national debt beyond $16 trillion. You are the Fool who needs to get your facts straight before slinging your bullshit here......."

From the article:
"The gun culture is right about one thing, however. Hitler really did enact a new gun law. But it was in 1938, not 1935 – well after the NAZIs already had the country in its iron grip. Furthermore, the new law in many ways LOOSENED gun restrictions. For example, it greatly expanded the numbers who were exempt, it lowered the legal age of possession from 20 to 18, and it completely lifted restriction on all guns except handguns, as well as on ammunition."

Recipe for destruction of stupid arguments is as follows (using guns-for-everyone 'duhbate' as an example):

Dumbass: "Do we outlaw driving because drunk drivers kill people?"
Dumbass: <equally asinine statement here>

Reductio ad absurdum!

Dumbass: "Damn <insert group here> getting killed by <insert weapon here>.  They should just shut up because <insert another group> have it worse because they <insert another completely unrelated method of death or misery>."

Then goof around with it and see how silly you can make it!
Dumbass: "Damn gays getting killed by lynching.  They should just shut up because old people have it worse because they get killed at train crossings more often."

And presto, not only have you made a mockery of stupid, you've diagrammed it so others can see WHY that argument is so stupid and won't attempt to make the same one themselves.

Best quotes of the night:
"What do Notre Dame and Cheerios have in common? Only one belongs in a bowl." And "The author of Fifty Shades of Grey couldn't write a spanking this brutal."

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Microsoft's unhealthy hatred of Google.  I had no idea this issue was this big.
Google's FTC Settlement Is An Epic Fail For Microsoft - er, another epic fail... #steveballmer
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