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If you are ready to shine, we can make it happen
If you are ready to shine, we can make it happen

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Speaking at the " 21st century competencies - career fair 2012". Will share better images as sson as they are received from the organisers.
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Speaking to BBC, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak questions where are the creative souls in Singapore. Here’s an excerpt from his interview:

'When you’re very structured almost like a religion… Uniforms, uniforms, uniforms… everybody is the same. Look at structured societies like Singapore where bad behavior isn’t tolerated. You are extremely punished.
Where are the creative people?'

This in response to a question about the relaxed dress codes( t-shirt, jeans and long hair) at Apple and whether wearing suits and being formally dressed for work is important or not.

Don't think being creative or not creative has anything to do with dress codes, in fact the dress codes in Singapore in almost all corporates is business casual, much more relaxed than in most countries.
Following a relaxed casual dress code might work for Apple, to project its creative image, but it definitely would not work for all companies, for eg: would you want to put your money into the hands of a bank whose employees dressed in T-shirt, jeans and long hair, look like they might be having several 'creative' ideas of what they can do with your money ! One of the characteristics of effective professional dressing is to be appropriate for the image you want to project and convey credibility.
In addition, generally asians have a much better sense of fashion and do style themselves much better than people in US, canada or even europe, so I am not sure how relevant Mr. Wozniak's example really is.

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Image and me on 93.8 Live - a series of interviews on 93.8 Live answering questions on Personal branding. Next wednesday at 0710, tune in. For the last session here is the link

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