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Vernon Harmon
Bangin' out a rhythm on the keyboard of life.
Bangin' out a rhythm on the keyboard of life.

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I've been away from G+ for months now and I'm surprised to find so many changes. The one that startled and #disappointed  me the most was using the #Explore  feature and finding that all the inane religious and "teen meme" crap that perpetuates #Facebook  has made its way here. I thought G+ was a bastion of critical thinkers?! Does this mean G+ has gone mainstream? #boohiss   #howcanIfiltermyexplore  

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It's a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey fluff!

J #twt   #DoctorWho   #Kitten  

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Reminds me of Abu Simbel.
Leshan Giant Buddha
This giant piece of architecture is one of the remaining fragments of the Tang Dynasty. The structure was carved and engineered from inside a cliff nearly 1400 years ago. The sight looks more amazing because of the rivers and streams that flow below and near it. It is believed to be the largest Buddha statue ever to be built.

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Diamond Ring and Shadow Bands
Image Credit & Copyright: Stephen Mudge

As the total phase of last week's solar eclipse came to an end, sunlight streaming past the edge of the Moon created the fleeting appearance of a glistening diamond ring in the sky. And while most eclipse watchers did not consider clouds a welcome sight, a view through thin clouds north of Cairns in Queensland, Australia also revealed these remarkable flickering shadow bands. Projected onto the cloud layer, the bands are parallel to the sliver of emerging sunlight. Caused by turbulence in Earth's atmosphere refracting the sliver of sunlight, the narrow bands were captured in this brief, 1/1000th second exposure.

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Please keep the holidays in perspective.

Oh, Google+, why have I forsaken you? My appearances here have dwindled down to only posting my weekly entries for the two photography projects I'm participating in, and I've even fallen off THAT wagon recently.

I just checked my Friends circle for the first time in months and there's lots of  tasty stuff in there. Time for me to get back on this horse!

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This is the comment I left on the photo:
I absolutely LOVE this. Seriously, it's beautiful. I wouldn't change a thing - the "bright spot" in the bottom left creates a subtle balance to the image that actually makes the daisy pop even more, by emphasizing the depth of field effect.

It would make an amazing album cover (which, to me, is an extremely high compliment).
What is it about daisies? No matter how many beautiful flowers are around, you just can't resist taking that daisy shot :)

#floralfriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner 
#hqsppromotion curated by +Carina Marsh +Rinus Bakker +Marina Versaci +Mukundh B +Thierry Raemaekers 

Prints/cards at

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#2012Project52 #week21ofProject52-2012

Week 21's theme is different depending on whether you're going by the list posted on the new "Project52-2012" page, or on Giu's original "GPLUS:P52:2012" page. On the original list, the theme was "Flowers." On the new list, it was "Mostly White."

I decided to combine the two themes.

These are actually white flowers, but I wanted to go b/w with this to emphasize the contrast. I created a Black and White layer in Photoshop and chose the "Darker" mode.

+Project52-2012 +GPLUS::P52::2012
curated by +Giuseppe Basile +Kate Church

Crazy stuff in downtown Montreal. Police on loud speakers shouting at student protesters running through the streets. Riot cops on foot and on bikes. Seems to have calmed down now -- no more cops visible or audible.
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