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Kenneth Ratliff
So what if you can see the darkest side of me....
So what if you can see the darkest side of me....

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Metro Atlanta transit bill defeated across the board, quite pleased. While I do believe that transit in the metro area is a huge issue, this bill was not the way to go about it. As a fiscal conservative, I'm predisposed against any tax increase. This tax increase in particular... to put it simply, the bill was a MARTA bailout. MARTA is badly run, throwing more money at it in the hopes of fixing transportation is lunacy of the highest order.

The rest of the money that wouldn't have gone to MARTA would have essentially gone to the state as a new discretionary fund for transportation projects. The state does not have a good track record of managing money well, or of funding transportation projects properly (after all, if they did, we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. This problem didn't develop over night). And finally, there's the fact that while this was slated to be only a 10-year tax, I guarantee you that it would never go away. Governments do not like giving up revenue streams. 

So I applaud the voters for ignoring the carrot and soundly rejecting TSPLOST. It's nice to see common sense prevail every once in awhile.

So the NSA chief is going to be speaking to the hacker crowd at DEFCON. That should prove to be the very definition of 'a tough crowd'.

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Reasons to love Linux -

Try installing OpenFire on a RedHat box.

Then trying installing Lync 2010 on a supported Windows version

See which one causes you to lose less hair.

Something I IM'd to a coworker after he told me implemented selinux on a server on purpose:

Me: i still think you're a masochist
Me: i think im going to get you a ballgag that has SELINUX printed on the ball for christmas

Hrm, just got L2IOU working. Crap. Now I have to write a netmap file to connect all this crap and edit all the INE config files /divasigh

Damn glad I'm not a Bank of America customer/investor right now. Hellish stock dip + major lawsuit would not be good for my blood pressure.

Another discussion found me flipping through my copy of Network Warrior, and I was amused all over again by one of the maxim's the author lives by:

Maxim #1 - Network designs are based on Politics, Money, and The right way to do it - in that order
-Gary A. Donahue, Network Warrior

Truer words, etc, et al
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