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Rick Lin

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Prompted to Serve
Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday, August 25th, and has been one of the most devastating storms in U.S. history. On the 28th, Samaritan's Purse sent out an email requesting volunteers.  I forwarded that email to Peggy with two words, "Let's pray." Th...

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Holy Choices
NOTE: This message was delivered at VCC on 10/23/16. Disclaimer: Before I begin, I need to offer a disclaimer.  Some of what we’ll talk about today could
make you uncomfortable.  A number of you will
find yourselves disagreeing at points.  With
that in mind...

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Undercover Boss
One of the reality shows I've enjoyed is Undercover Boss, where the CEO of a major corporation masks his (the CEO was a man in all of the shows I watched) identity while he works with some of his employees.  The best part of the show is the reveal, where th...

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Prayer for church in the midst of terrorism
Lord, I pray for Your church.  Lord, open our eyes and keep them open.  Let us realize the attacks and deceptions around us.  Let us stay focused on the task You've set before us: to share Your good news, to make disciples, to love.  Lord, let us love with ...

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Tragedy, Fear and Call to Action
What would cause a man to slaughter people he's worked with? How can someone sit with coworkers to celebrate a holiday and, a short time later, murder them? What parents would leave a six-month old, rather choosing death and destruction? What would possess ...

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4,289,792 Refugees
Filtering The telecom company I work for spends a lot of time and money trying to tell the difference between good and bad traffic.  Bad traffic (i.e. malicious attacks) can have a crippling effect on our network.  The easiest thing to do would be to indisc...

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Dear Lord, May Your light shine brightly; may the darkness of the world create a hunger for You. Lord, may we not over-complicate the nature of evil; may we seek You to overcome wickedness. Create in us pure hearts -- hearts that reflect Your love for each ...

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Criticizing Pastors - Protecting the Flank
This morning, an article caught my eye.  It's an important enough topic that's not discussed nearly enough to merit more than a simple "share" on Facebook. As Christians, we often rely on our pastors to teach and admonish us in our walks with Christ and eac...

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God's Will: A 12-hour Journey
Our life group is learning from a study on " Discovering God's Will " and, wouldn't you know it -- Peggy and I had a chance to put it into practice two days ago. The Call: Peg woke up earlier than usual.  Before she got out of bed, she read the Bible and pr...

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Blindsided by God by Peter Chin (Book Review)
When I picked up Peter Chin’s book, Blindsided by God, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic.  After all, what more could be said on the subject of a loving God who allows suffering?  Skeptics, however, continue to raise the question.  So, perhaps, I thought, Pastor...
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