Archimedes invented and created the Antikythera computer 2200 years ago.
Did you know the Ancient Greeks invented and created a very advanced, compact, portable astronomical clock about 200BC, 2200 years ago. They actually were able to make it work. It is much more complex, much more compact than what we thought were the earliest astronomical clocks created again not before the 14th century. Only one of those Ancient Greek clocks was ever found, in 1901 by an Ancient sunken ship by the Greek island Antikythera. Not before 1954 did a scientist find out it actually was a clock, not before this past decade with modern X Ray, scanning technology have scientists been able to figure out how it works. Mind blown, this is insane. I am fascinated by clockwork, I find it fascinating to see these clocks and wrist watches that are so beautiful, so complex, made hundreds of years ago. I had no idea the Greeks already were able to make something like it more than 2000 years ago. What if some of the Romans didn't savagely appear and kill everyone (Archimedes included), maybe they'd have invented the internet 2000 years ago already and we'd be having technology for easily spending weekends on Saturn's Moons by now. I'd like to see Apple try to sue them for that! via +Gizmag
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