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 So you have bought your new Android phone ? Then read this first for tips and pitfalls :) #android   #androidphone   #setupandroidphone   #tips   #howto   #androidadvice  
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Hi +Dinakaran S. Ur post is really good and just a point to mention data counter app comes natively with #ics. If u are using ics above u can enjoy the data counter features where u can schedule ur usage based on time/days/months. Its really nice if u have ics devices try this feature
Thanks +Balaji Ravichandran  for your tip , am still in Gingerbread.Hoping to get ICS update around August. One of problems for mobile app developers is the risk around when their widely popular app would become  a default feature of OS thereby jeopardizing their growth ! Tough times actually 
Thanks +Saravanan K  . It's a good idea actually , if we are able to find people who are interested , it would be really good. There is little or no use , an idea that has not seen the light of day . 
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