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DIY Baby Sock Blockers + Hiatus
Hello again! It's been over a month since I've posted here. Did you miss me? During my time away I traveled, spent quality time with my family, got back into my exercise routine, and I came to a major realization. I could have easily lugged my laptop around...

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The "Perfect" Baby Sock Pattern
      As some of you may know many of my closest friends and family seem to have caught the baby bug which means that as a knitter I'm left with no choice but to pick up my handy dandy needles and cast on. My favorite baby knits to give as gifts are baby so...

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My Marvelous Project Bag
          So far this year has been the year that I follow through with my promises to myself. I have been wanting to sew project bags to keep all of my WIP's and their notions neat and together but up until now I've either "Never had enough time" or "I jus...

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DIY Sock Blockers
         Hey Guys! Today I am going to be teaching you how to DIY your own sock shapers or sock blockers.  Blocking or Shaping in knitting is often crucial for giving your items a finished look, a proper fit and a decent shape. Socks, even thought they typi...

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Epic Vegan Sausage and Egg Burritos
      Story time! I have very fond memories of me as a child going with my Dad to one of our local gas stations/get 'n go's and picking up these huge super delicious and filling sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast burritos. They were melty, oozy, and greasy,...

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The First Boy In Ages
        This weekend my Mom, sister and I were invited to a baby shower. If you've been following me for the past year then you know that knitting for babies is my all time favorite, As a matter of fact a majority of my completed projects on Ravelry are bab...

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My Everyday Chocolate Antioxidant Protein Smoothie
                    I have been very busy these days, so busy in fact that I just don't have time to sit down and eat breakfast. I am also out and about for most of the day so each morning I make sure to feed my body decent amounts of vitamins, protein, and...

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How to Make Waffles Without a Waffle Iron
Pretty much everyone in the world loves waffles and I am no exception. My problem with them however lies in the fact that it can be difficult to find waffles that don't contain milk or eggs and the frozen ones just aren't that great. Yes waffle irons exist ...

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[New Blog Post] If you love history and pretty colors the way I do then you'll love this book!

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Saying Goodbye To Second Sock Aversion and Self Guilt
        As part of my New Years Resolution I have begun to not only knit more often but to complete the projects that I start. Now I know that I am not the only knitter who starts projects and keeps them on the needles for a bit longer than they planned but...
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