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Android_LIFE - Android Addict, Guru, Fanatic... Your Cutting Edge Android Junkie

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HALO goes open source

Non PA users:

If you dislike this rom, or us for that matter, make sure to tell your developer to take a look at these two links:


Commits are streamlined and squashed, should be merged in a few minutes easily. HALO is still in beta, since support for TabletUI and PIE is unfinished, among other minor things. But it's ready enough for release.

As for the feature itself, we can honestly say it's been the most exciting Android project we've been involved in. We can think of absolutely no reason why anyone would dislike it in its current state. We sincerely hope you enjoy it, whatever rom you run it on.


Again, we would like to thank Facebook’s clever engineers for this idea. We've had a blast bringing expanding to new levels and making it entirely and creatively our own. This isn't just a random carbon copy. We've tried hard to make it adapt to Android as best as we can, starting by extending the basic functionality to cover all apps, of course, and ending with the sort of integration which you would expect from any native feature.


As for threats to Android’s Ecosystem, until now apps have reacted nicely to our changes. Apps adapt, & simply assume a smaller screen size. We do have some remaining issues to clear & it should be safe enough when we are done.
Should any doubt come up as to our integrity, we are prepared to do whatever we can to lessen negative impact. We have created HALO white & black lists, we have flagged this feature beta and instructed our users of their responsibility to respect app developers should any issue arise. We earn nothing from our feature and do this solely because we enjoy Android and the freedom of Nexus/AOSP platform. Our goal is not to spread and hack, we simply want to demonstrate the powerful potentials of AOSP platform and its compliant devices as already being the one of the most creative & effective breeding ground that anyone could wish for.

PA users:

There seem to be no crashes or spontaneous reboots that we know of and we have observed and measured it long enough to know it poses no danger to your battery and general performance. Therefore, the code has been merged into our main branch. You'll get all the features and changes that happened outside of HALO's scope. We will try to sum up what we see on Git:

- HALO has white & blacklists now. Blacklists prevent apps from pinging through HALO. Whitelists do the same but only allow pinging when you explicitly allow it for individual apps.
- Everything is silenced
- Dismissal of notifications has been improved
- PA Wallpapers has been taken out of the rom and can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store:
- DCHSPA symbol when the DCHSPA network is being used.
- Dirk Rettschlag's Quick unlock
- PIE option for empty angle (the start gap)
- Brightness dialog updates
- StatusBar Date/Time layout changes
- Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
- Launcher does not need to be started when you go in and out of full screen (no more black flicker)

Oh, & we took out GooManager since we will soon replace it with a custom solution that will make updating many times more convenient, with full context awareness (Hybrid Properties, Backups, Kernel updates, PA-gapps, etc.).


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I don't think this is what +Verizon Wireless mean't when they announced their
Share Everything plans.

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Download the new 4.2.2 Android keyboard from the Google Play store.
Glide through letters with gesture typing.
The word prediction is UNmatched.
Now available to all devices 4.0 and up!

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"Look for Me"

Never let someone who gave up on their dreams,
talk you out of your own.

+Instagram for Android
Is one major BUGFEST.
Random crashing and
I just spent 10 minutes typing out #hashtags for a picture...
Hit upload, and every single last hashtag was removed...
Like I had never typed any.


Makes me not want to use it.

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Sunset in the 317

If you dont want 2 ask someone,
Read about it.
Education is part of transformation.

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I originally heard this on The AllOutShow
On Shade45 SiriusXM.
Dead Giveaway -
Charles Ramsey Songified
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