Tonight I was guest at the BonnAgile user group. Round about 18 people have watched and discussed two issues of uncle Bob's Clean Coders videos, in a decent venue.

After an introduction of +Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen, we've watched Episode II of the videos series called "Names". In the video, Bob introduced many recipes how to make your naming (of classes, of variables) more meaningful. I was wondering, and asked the crowd afterwards, how it is possible to support the process of applying good clean code conventions with tooling. I agree that team commitment is essential as well as shared goals. But in more complex situations, I'd like to support the process with tools. Maybe I'm talking as a build/release engineer here, but a headless (non-IDE) approach is pretty necessary to check (in some degree) the code quality during a continuous build. And this could be difficult e.g. to check the length of names depending on their context.

The second episode was Episode III that deals with functions. This episode was also interesting, and here, much more tooling is possible (e.g. metrics of complexity or just the length of methods), and indeed Uncle Bob showed how he uses JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA to refactor code to make it more straight and to extract as much from methods as possible to focus just on the task of the function. So this episode looked more like a refactoring (with pointing to Martin Fowler's book) and IDE promotion video.

Both episodes are produced in an entertaining way: you will not fall asleep, even if the content does not address you: voice and visual effects are chosen wisely. If you know Bob's books, you won't find much new content in the videos, rather you'll find dozens of copies of his books standing around somewhere, in the videos. This is also a fun part of the entertaining product.

The happening itself was pretty nice. In a comfortable location and smooth atmosphere, with a lot of different drinks and finger food, we could meet and chat pretty well. The lucky guy who will organize the next event, in February, is the new owner of a copy of "Agile ALM" that was sponsored by me. I'm not sure if he liked it to be the new owner, but he did not looked that much disgusted, so I hope he may has some usage for the book.
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