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cheap beer and some pork rind lard chips
cheap beer and some pork rind lard chips

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Anyone with an extra ello invite??

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”Even if Stein does not take office—and she’s realistic about the challenges facing third parties—she is putting important ideas on the agenda. And she doing more. She and Honkala are securing ballot positions nationwide. Stein’s making a big push for inclusion in this fall’s presidential debates (along with Libertarian Gary Johnson). And Stein is getting arrested to focus attention on the issues.

That’s a vital role in American politics, as vital as the role played by Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas in 1932, when he used big ideas and big activism to place on the agenda many of the ideas that would form the New Deal.”


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Before the police attacked and smashed my camera.
Oakland 28 Jan 2012 (11 photos)
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What were you doing on 29th Feb 2012

OK so it hasn't happened yet..... But when it does something extra-ordinary will happen.

People all over the world are going to create a photographic record of their local surroundings and upload them to Google+. Giving everyone else the chance to take a sneaking glimpse of the world at one precise moment in time.

To include a small snapshop of your little piece of the world is simple.

1) Take a picture at any point on 29th Feb 2012
2) Upload your picture to Google+
3) Tag the picture with both the location and #G+LeapYearDayProject .
4) That's it.

To see what the world looked like at that moment Wait until after that date and use the search box to find a specific location or everything

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Residents of NY, NJ and PA:
November 21st
Trenton NJ
*Do you care about the water you drink?
The water your children drink?
The water their children will drink?
The ecosystem?
The industrialization and destruction of our communities?
Will you take a stand for future generations?
*Join us on November 21st or call your Governor/President NOW!
Tell them to permanently ban fracking in the Delaware River Basin!*

Cuomo: 518-474-8390
Christie: 609-292-6000
Corbett: 717-787-2500
Markell: 302-5770-3210
Obama: 202-456-1111 #OWS #fracking

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My video's closing in on 600 views... That's not bad though it's not awesome either.

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photo credits to my brother, +Mark McDonald , and the camera man from
West Ward, Easton, Pennsylvania
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#OWS Graph Repository #2
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