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Tony Miano
We do what we care about. Christians who don't share the gospel don't really care about the lost.
We do what we care about. Christians who don't share the gospel don't really care about the lost.

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The Burglar
The Burglar By Tony Miano © 2015 Author's note: I am indebted to two people for their assistance in writing this parable and gospel booklet. Sye Ten Bruggencate patiently reviewed multiple versions of the text, providing both creative and theological insigh...

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It's as Easy as Saying "Thank You"
Recently, I received this wonderfully encouraging message from a sweet young lady, on Facebook: "Thank you for writing the ' Thank You ' tracts, Papa Tony! They have been such an encouragement to me to keep sharing Gospel tracts! And they are generally very...

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The Next Time Someone Asks if Gospel Tracts are "Effective".....
Recently I published a gospel tract with Marv Plementosh of One Million Tracts titled: What Comes After Pride? Recently, Marv received the followin email from someone in Hawaii who found the gospel tract in a rental car: "I work at Avis Budget Maui and when...

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Martin's Faith in Meaninglessness
While distributing gospel tracts on Wimbledon Hill Road, in Wimbledon, England, I handed a gospel tract to a man named Martin. When Martin received the tract, he asked what it was. When I explained to Martin that it was a message about Jesus Christ, Martin ...

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My Bible, My Cell Phone, and My New Conviction
My friend, Gayle Metcalf, shared the following image today on her Facebook page. My friend, Pastor Geoff Kirkland , posted an article today titled Lessons for Young Men , which included a charge to greater commitment to the Word of God. The above items have...

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Jerusalem's King: A Review
Jerusalem's King is a feature-length documentary, written and directed by Ryan Habbena . My friend, Andy Olson, of Echo Zoe Radio and Blog , served as the film's Director of Photography and had his hands in other aspects of the project. As I watched the fil...

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What Comes After Pride (New Gospel Tract!)
In partnership with Marv Plementosh of One Million Tracts , I've written a new gospel tract titled What Comes After Pride? Here's the front of the tract: While I came up with the general concept, Marv creatively put together this striking design, which util...

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The Arrest of Francis Jared Pusok: Beating Social Media Sycophants to the Punch
This is difficult. While I needn't remind those who know me, for those who may have been drawn to my blog by this article, I am an advocate of the law enforcement community. I'm a retired, 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (1987...

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"Debating Dillahunty" - A Review
In Sye Ten Bruggencate's first film, How To Answer the Fool , viewers were given a glimpse of the mind of God. In his second film, Debating Dillahunty , viewers are given a glimpse of the heart of God. For the record, and for the purpose of full disclosure....

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A Biblical Defense of the Public Proclamation of the Gospel - Sermon Manuscript and Audio
I preached this sermon during the Herald Society at First Baptist Church of Milton (Milton, FL), on March 26, 2015. Following the sermon manuscript, you will find the audio for the sermon. I pray this is an encouragement to all Christians--pastors/elders, o...
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