Mastered for Dynamic Reproduction!

Ispired by +Ian Shepherd's «Dynamic Range Day» I am working on a new guideline in Audio Mastering taking the step even further. «Mastered for Dynamic Reproduciton on a quality HiFi system» preserves more of the natural dynamic in music compared to todays standards.

Beeing so many types of music there is no minimum Dynamic Range required but more a invitation to master the album so that todays Audiophiles can enjoy music with more dynamic on their expencive HiFi system.

Over the years of music production the Dynamic Range has decreased and the quality of HiFi systems and signal to noise ratio has increased. When I work on my setup beeing Dynaudio Contour S3.4 powered by Electrocompaniet Nemo it is almost frustrating how much better it sounds giving the music a little more headroom. (Level matched ofcourse.)

Using your ears listening on a quality HiFi setup freeing you from your go to levelmeter and only use that to make sure your in the same ballpark as the rest of us. It's about time we start pushing the Dynamic Range in the right direction.
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