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social justice, academic, digital, highered, inequality, altmetrics
social justice, academic, digital, highered, inequality, altmetrics


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JustPublics@365 Participatory Open Online Course Begins Today!

Please join us Tuesday, February 5th at 6:30pm US EST for the kick-off of our 'POOC' - a participatory, open, online course. While there's been a lot of talk about 'MOOCs', we had a different idea. To us, the most exciting thing about the Internet is not that we can amplify old lectures to a 'massive' audience, but that it enables all of us to create knowledge in new ways, connect across boundaries of time and geographic distance, and that it opens up the possibility of disrupting, even transforming, old hierarchies of inequality.    
The course is called "Reassessing Inequality & Reimagining the 21st Century: East Harlem Focus," and the site is available here:  You don't need to register in order to participate-you can simply watch the live-streamed video and join the discussion on Twitter, where we'll be using the hashtag #InQ13.  
Our special guests on February 5th at 6:30pm will be:
Michelle Fine, The Graduate Center, CUNY

María Elena Torre, 
Public Science Project at The Graduate Center, CUNY (@public_science)  

Topic: "Knowing" Inequality 

Session will be livestreamed at and recorded video will be made available afterwards.
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The Graduate Center of the City University of New York (GC) announced today that the Ford Foundation has provided a research grant to launch JustPublics@365, which will bring together journalists, academics, activists and policy advocates who are working to address social inequality through digital media.

“We’re delighted that the Ford Foundation shares our long-term vision for bringing academic research to bear on pressing problems of social justice,” said Graduate Center Provost Chase F. Robinson. “JustPublics@365 is an ambitious effort to maximize the influence of faculty research through the innovative use of a wide range of social media, by creating partnerships among academics, activists and policy-makers, and by seeking new ways to measure impact.”

“The Graduate Center, with its distinguished history of research on inequality, is uniquely qualified to work with the Ford Foundation to create a more informed public sphere,” added Robinson.

At the Graduate Center and beyond it, JustPublics@365 engages a dialogue among researchers on inequality, activists and media. It uses the networked landscape of the internet and the physical environs of the GC – JustPublics@365 is named for the institution’s address at 365 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan – to bring attention to those inequalities across several domains: economic, housing, race and ethnicity, immigration, health, and education. The program’s first Summit will be held at the GC on Thursday, March 6, 2013.

“The pathway for scholars working on social justice research to engage the public via traditional and new forms of media will require collaborative models like JustPublics@365 now and into the future,” said Darren Walker, vice president of the Education, Creativity and Free Expression program at the Ford Foundation. “An informed citizenry is a prerequisite for democracy and embarking on creative experiments to connect the public to research on critical issues is a necessary priority.”

JustPublics@365 will be overseen by Chase Robinson, Provost of the GC, Jessie Daniels, a professor of Public Health and Sociology at the Graduate Center, and Matthew K. Gold, who serves at the GC as Advisor to the Provost for Master’s Programs and Digital Initiatives and Acting Executive Officer of the M.A. Program in Liberal Studies.

Through the $550,000 research grant, Robinson, Daniels and Gold will develop an innovative “alt metrics” measurement program with GC to assess the impact of academic research on the public sphere and social justice initiatives.
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JustPublics@365 brings together media practitioners, academics, community leaders, and digital activists in a coordinated effort to create cross-skilled new ‘hybrid’ intellectuals who combine the best of these worlds and can work together for the public good.
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