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​New hope as anti- austerity parties gather momentum!​

​The continuing crisis ​and slump​ is still not over, but at least we are now told that we have ​slight improvements.​​ But​ do we?​

And​ at what cost, Zero hour contracts, many part employed and the richest simply get richer. ​The bedroom tax, the nightmare for disability claimants are just examples, to prove we are not ''all in it together''. ​We know the cuts by the coalition are for right wing ideological reasons alone. They care only for their own interests. And how many of us are, or indeed feel better off?

​Austerity does not work and simply enables the rich to become richer​. But the fightback is now beginning with the victory of Syriza in Greece and the Spanish demonstrations. And other counties are poised to follow.

This present system has made many desperate attempts to continue, but of those that stand out in the past century, it has to be quantitative easing, wars and almost zero interest rates; which have become the most desperate.​
In all this time, the real​ problems​ have​ eaten more than £12 trillion in public funds. It has been at the root of practically every major political argument in this country, and it affects every aspect of the way we live our lives. In fact, you will certainly see the consequences of this deep rooted problem unfold across the cities, towns and villages of Britain. No one will escape the fallout and pensioners and those vulnerable are likely to be the most affected. Our system needs to be repaired and much more than that, we need to search for alternatives and a new system.​ And as I type, new cuts are being planned for after our General Election​ and even more money is being printed in Europe.

The next phase in this crisis could threaten our very way of life. We know that printing mountains of money can only end in disaster. And, unlike most of the presenters on TV and in the mainstream press, some analysts understand what ​is​ really occurring, but it is in ​their own​ interests to deceive ​us.​

Together with tiny interest rates and fictitious capital it could again end in disaster. ​But the Bankers who were partly responsible for this crisis have no answers other than austerity. More desperate attempts to resolve matters. They avoid the interest rate dilemma and fictitious capital problems.​ And we still hang on to 0.5 percentage interest rate, as the fear of an increase causes trepidation, ​unclear signals and bungled and contradictory statements from the Bank of England.
That means the most important trend of the next twenty years is almost certainly rising interest rates, as I have now argued for years.​​Please do not misunderstand, I am not advocating an increase, but the present system needs to raise the rate, as I have previously explained. We are now facing an unprecedented crisis. As interest rates rise, our record 'debts and interest' will become impossible to bear. And at precisely the same time, we need to fund our services such as the NHS. Only a new model can achieve all this together with a fair economic and political system.

​We need to start real debates around the country, to prepare for a new and non speculative system and this is very possible and in the interests of us all. The dithering Bank of England have no answers and continue with their desperate ramblings about interest rates.​
The mainstream parties have failed.
There really are alternatives to austerity and our current system which is designed to protect the interests of the rich.
Join us in the forthcoming campaigns around the world. We can make a difference and bring about real changes. Perhaps we need a new a​  austerity party in the UK?
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