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Nathan Watt
Life is like a Rainbow. Beautiful and Multi layered
Life is like a Rainbow. Beautiful and Multi layered

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Hello everyone. I'm new, and thought this seemed like a good community. So, firstly, I'm currently in the works of trying to get a fantasy novel published, and with that said, I'm sure you'll know I absolutely love reading and writing.

Writing is such a great way to get thoughts and feelings out, and you're literally unrestricted in what you can do. Yes, there are clichés etc that people like to steer clear of, but no one says you can't choose to go down those roads.

This is what I love about writing, as it not only allows you freedom, but it also is something that can help to bring people together; it can brighten days, help you learn, and so forth. Truly a wonderful hobby or profession.

You'll be able to find some of my short stories on my website, but I won't tell you to go there today. First I'd like to get to know some of you. Feel free to comment and I'll see you around the community now and then.

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Hello everyone. I'm Nathan and have just joined. I love reading and writing, and I'm currently trying to get a novel published. Feel free to take a look at my new website via the link below, which holds short stories I've written and blog posts.

Always feel free to comment or email. Until then, I'll be around :)

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Check out my latest blog post. Here I talk about the current process I'm going through to try and get my novel published.

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I've put two short stories on my website. I would love some feedback on these.

The Judged is about a man recently wheel bound and his thoughts in regard to this new perspective.

The Fiercest Battle is about a couple who have just recently had an argument, and the males perspective on this.

If anyone would like me to have a look at their stories and give feedback, please leave a link. For now I will browse posts below and choose this way. Thanks.

Hello Everyone, just published my new site on the internet. Have a look, and stay in touch.

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The Beginning Point
  Well, I've been practising drawing to help me start my manga/comic, as I want to be able to not only draw the faces I struggle with at the moment, but be able to replicate them in other panels without changing the look of the character apart from the angl...

Getting ready to bring some new cars and updates of the track to life. Was going to also have a test game sorted for today, but unfortunately didn't get round to printing out rules or stat sheets, and library wasn't open today.

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To Cut or To Cutlery
I was in the midst of washing up the used plates and dishes when for some reason I wondered where the word Cutlery came from. My thoughts on this was the fact that some of the cut. I assume that the first forms of cutlery would have been solely knives, as c...

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Words of the Day #1
So, I wanted to start gearing my mind toward taking in more information and holding it. Since I'm currently in the middle of practise drawings to regain my base skills then improve on them for my manga (will be showing you some practise drawings in the days...

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This is the shortest track that will be used for the Zenith race game. As you can see, it's made up of 6 different segments. 4 corners and 1 straight and 1 straight with pit stop. There will be larger versions, however, for the time being, this will be the track that most will race on due to the fact that we all start off not being able to truly move too much.

A large track therefore would just simply be a waste of time, and elongate the process of finishing the race. Especially in the case where it will be 2 moves per week to help with the fact that many have jobs and busy schedules even if they do not have jobs.

Well, hopefully the next image of the tracks will be a fully painted one.
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