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Super grateful!
Hola! Well it was good week, like always! Things are going well here. The Lara Family came to church for the first time and LOVED
IT.  So they are progressing well and we are bummed because the 30th of
this month we have stake conference and the 7th of Dece...

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Happy Halloween
Hola familia!! Lots of things happened this week, so it went by pretty
fast! But things are going well and we're happy here in Barranca! We did a work visit up in Huaraz, and I'm glad that I never have to make that
trip again because it is long and uncomfor...

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Another Monday?
Is it Monday again?? Crazy!!! Good week!!! I don't have much to write.... hm.... We had to travel a bit this week because we went to a
leadership training with President which was awesome, and it was fun to see
other friends from the mission.   It was inter...

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Churchless week
Woops, sent the letter again without writing anything.  We had a good week here in Barranca, it was pretty strange
because yesterday were the elections and according to the law, you can't have
any meetings on election day. So there was no church for us and ...

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Week of Adventures!
Hola Familia,  This week flew by because we went up to Huaraz to do a work
visit which was pretty cool! Huaraz is far and there are 3 companionships of
sisters there so we stayed from Monday until Wednesday and it was productive
and it is summertime there s...

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So things are going well here in good ol Peru!  We definitely had a week of ups and downs but things are
going well and progressing. Not much has been happening but here are a couple of
updates: The Rodriguez family is progressing well, I don't know if I

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Life is Good1
Hola, We had a good week and things are picking up a lot here.
 We are starting to see a lot of fruits of our efforts and things are
going well! The entire Rodriguez family FINALLY came to church! The two
daughters, Lucero and Araceli, who are 20 and 22 hav...

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Hola mi familia! Good week this week, not much to write! We went to Lima and had our monthly leadership training
which was awesome.  They put in a couple of new rules for baptizing in
this area. The investigators have to attend church three times, and they ...
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