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Blogged: Full Stack Sample App with Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, MongoDB  Hosted Live+Source Code
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Cool tutorial! Have a few questions)) I took your example as a starting point, then dissected js logic (unfortunately I don't quite get howcome I do this with twitter-bootstrap api) into requirejs modules. But I'm confused a little) Should some kind of javascript fallbacks be considered when developing backbone applications? I have met people saying it is cool to use backbone in admin section where no seo is needed and that one should avoid to use such a thing in UI presented to customers. Well I don't know I haven't much experience in that field honestly and need some guidance) As for now I have decided to do it vice versa: use backbone (users cannot modify products state) for customers UI and ASP.NET MVC back-end for administration)) Is it reasonable? 
+Christophe Coenraets : could you share something how to  use Router.navigtor in backbone.js. and while working with Phonegap and backbone recieving memory warning...cud u pls explain at what point of code I need to take care.
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