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After work on the performance tuning and some analytical systems that will be built in, an interesting challenge was issued to test the two systems.

A siege test was issued, (albeit localhost), on the codebase and it provided some promising early results.  about 3600 successful connections in just over two minutes, or 25.67 transactions per second.

The activity reporter was running in the top window, which reloads live data every two seconds.  It was mostly able to keep up with the system, only slowing down on the responses due to the sheer number of user agents to parse.  This peaked out to 772 connections in a 30-second rolling window, with an average response time of 107ms throughout the siege.

Consider performance.... tuned :)

#coreplus #performance  
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I just noticed this page hasn't had an update since April... A LOT has happened since then!  Core+ has had a stable release, (actually several to be exact), and we are currently working on some performance tuning on the system.  While other content management systems that deal with words, pressing, and blogs are working with 10-second render speeds, we are looking at achieving a reliable 150ms response time.  (That's ms as in millisecond, ie: 1/1000th of a second).

Check out the advancements being made over at!  Oh yeah, did we mention it's completely open, as in all of the source is available and ready to be hacked?
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2.1.0 Release, eventually... I promise!

After a slight hiatus, I am slowly picking development of this release back up. I have been focusing on other ventures related to the framework's future, (but all for the best, hopefully :p)

Theme management is now working much better. Most of the major utilities of that component are working with the exception of access permissions on widgets and container skins for widgets. At least access permissions will be implemented prior to launch, not sure about container skins though... I may just drop that function altogether if it's not useful.

Anyway, I'm going to adjust the release dates and space them out a little more, given my slightly higher workload, (and the onset of biking weather).
If you're interested in watching the progress of development a little closer, feel free to wander over to and register an account. (Registrations are required to limit bot activity on the tracker.)
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