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barbara trumpinski-roberts

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It's gorgeous out this afternoon. I wore my denim jacket to work. The quad is littered with high school theater people. They are as cute as kittens.  The semester starts MONDAY. Break was a week shorter than normal and I am going to be at my desk all weekend attempting to get ready...trying to get the student schedule beta version 1.1 out, but I needed a drink.

To the pause that refreshes! Callahans+ crash

i can see right now that my hugger is gonna get a many old's wonderful. this is going to make 2013 even better

Listening to Mandlebear singing "Someplace in the Net" Radio Free Colorado(tm) plays on!  *crash*

bright and blessed solstice to all of my friends..may 2013 be all that you desire.

so i was number 19 who joined this version of the there are 95...YAY!

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kitten here since 1991! I have truly missed the Place...even though I am spiced with two people I first met here (waves at Starknight and Lady Cheron). It's Good to have a Place where everyone knows your name. 

HI, hug for those who want one

kitten I logged in to my email this morning and had no less than 3 invites to come to the Place (none of which were from my immediate family, btw) YAY!

"to the Place and to my friends* <crash>
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