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barbara trumpinski-roberts

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Beautiful. Brought blessings...
i can see right now that my hugger is gonna get a many old's wonderful. this is going to make 2013 even better
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bright and blessed solstice to all of my friends..may 2013 be all that you desire.
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To you as well! :-)
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That they do. My family had a rough time of it for several years there. But as of now, everyone is healthy, those who wish to be employed are, those that are in school are doing well, there is a roof over our heads, food on the table, and we are surrounded by good friends. I think we've made it through to the other side of hard times.
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kitten I logged in to my email this morning and had no less than 3 invites to come to the Place (none of which were from my immediate family, btw) YAY!

"to the Place and to my friends* <crash>
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well, there has been a Place shaped hole in my heart...thanks for providing the filling
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barbara trumpinski-roberts

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I'm playing this on my radio show (Womyn Making Waves-womyn's music and music by women in honor of my late friend. Thank you for providing a very nice version of this song....

barbara trumpinski-roberts

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This is really cool Phil. I would have never thought of it.
It's gorgeous out this afternoon. I wore my denim jacket to work. The quad is littered with high school theater people. They are as cute as kittens.  The semester starts MONDAY. Break was a week shorter than normal and I am going to be at my desk all weekend attempting to get ready...trying to get the student schedule beta version 1.1 out, but I needed a drink.

To the pause that refreshes! Callahans+ crash
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It's Monday and I am still working on the's getting better. I may need another drink, however...
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Listening to Mandlebear singing "Someplace in the Net" Radio Free Colorado(tm) plays on!  *crash*
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I find myself humming it at work, myself...
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so i was number 19 who joined this version of the there are 95...YAY!
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kitten here since 1991! I have truly missed the Place...even though I am spiced with two people I first met here (waves at Starknight and Lady Cheron). It's Good to have a Place where everyone knows your name. 

HI, hug for those who want one
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it's a bad habit...i'll try to do better...maybe if you go out and get a case of micelob dark or maybe a gin and rutabaga.
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Poly, pagan, bi, grandmother, married. Science Fiction fan, blogger (more or less). WEFT community radio airshifter Interested in the future of libraries, books, reading and information.
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