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Kendal Torchlight Carnival
Kendal Torchlight Carnival
Kendal Torchlight Carnival


Torchlight is now seeking volunteers to help run Kendal Torchlight Carnival on 11th September and we are especially interested in local business engagement. In 2014, HBN Restaurants (t/as McDonalds) worked with Torchlight to help marshal the centre of Kendal during the Torchlight Carnival procession and gained complimentary promotion. We are interested in working with more local businesses who want to show an interest and engagement in their community and gain the benefit of Torchlight promotion.
Please get in touch by email:
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After a successful recruitment campaign, Torchlight now has a core team of 18 members, so we have the capability to move forwards. The theme for Kendal Torchlight Carnival on 11th September 2015 is Think BIG and is intended to inspire aspirational, beyond the horizon, larger than life thinking, which we think will help Kendal, and not just on Torchlight night!
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Torchlight is currently recruiting for the 2015 management team:

5 Week Deadline to Keep Kendal Torchlight Burning

Kendal Torchlight Carnival will not go ahead this year unless a minimum of eight committed and capable volunteers join the event management team before the end of February.
In 2013 and 2014, a fresh team of volunteers successfully “re-ignited” the carnival, created an up-to-date management plan, reduced running costs, increased local business interest and raised financial support, significantly increasing the chance of survival.
However, each year Torchlight needs a team of 8-12 committed and capable people to manage the event from January through until the end of October. Without that team, the workload is simply too high for those few involved and we have little chance of passing the knowledge to future generations of Torchlight volunteers.
There was such a truly emotional outcry from Kendal when the Carnival was cancelled in 2012; it would be fabulous if that emotional energy were converted into action and commitment. We feel we need to make this announcement now in order to give people the chance to step-up and keep the Carnival going.
The value of Torchlight to our youngsters, community groups, businesses and charities is an immeasurable experience offering the opportunity to perform and parade in front of the largest possible percentage of our local population, promoting each organisation, each cause, school and business, engaging and building confidence in the participants, maintaining school and family tradition, and keeping the spirit of our community alive and vibrant.
Since October 2014, Torchlight has been planning to initiate an Arts Council-funded Kendal Carnival Arts Group to engage local schools, community groups and businesses in the arts of carnival costumery, music and movement, engaging world-class artists to coach local artists so we bring high-level carnival arts expertise into our community; but this can only happen if we have a complete management team to run the Carnival.
In 2014, over 1700 people participated, the estimated crowd was between 25-30,000 people, and the estimated minimum attributable spend (at <£1 per person per hour) on the night (5pm – 1pm) was in the region of £100,000 (excluding accommodation and daytime/weekend attributable revenue). In addition, Torchlight puts £10,000 of its income into local businesses and charity causes.
The final decision will be made on 28th February 2015. If we have sufficient committed and capable volunteers to manage the event we will run Kendal Torchlight Carnival on September 11th, otherwise we will close the event.
Torchlight Management Team Roles
We are urgently seeking people to take on the following roles, with commitment to maintain the responsibility from now until 31st October 2015:
        Volunteer Recruitment and Coordination
        Logistics Coordination (2)
        Press and Media Coordination
        Web, Social Media and IT Coordination
        Fundraising and Grant Applications
        Sponsorship and Business Promotion
The roles are listed with more detail on the Torchlight website at
To volunteer, please contact Vicki Wright on 07846 973857 or

For more information about Kendal Torchlight Carnival, please visit or contact Simon McElroy on 07721 906030.
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