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 Acupuncture long history of health and disease prevention 8
Emphasis on the effect of repeated verification. Another important development of modern anti-pain care Acupuncture is a lot of control to observe the clinical effect, in order to confirm their reliability. There are three general methods: one is the establishment of a control group to compare. This work had been carried out on the 1950s and 1960s. At that time in order to prevent the flu, such as acupuncture, while based on a different drug prevention groups were compared, the results prove the preventive effect of acupuncture compared with some western medicine is superior. Second, through the accumulation of a large number of cases to prove the long-term effect is indeed. Prevention of inflammation such as acupuncture, observed number of cases of seven thousand cases were found to be prevented as long as the body's response function is acceptable to achieve disease prevention. Others, such as meningitis, observed more than once reported that a total of two million people in six thousand cases of acupuncture prevention situation. Third, through a more rigorous scientific design to observe, such as acupuncture to quit smoking, single-blind treatment line, showing acupuncture to quit smoking successfully, although there is a certain psychological factors, but the main thing is to rely on physiological factors.
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Acupuncture long history of health and disease prevention 7
Acupuncture health projects continues to expand. With the rapid increase in the level of modern science and technology, material and spiritual life, better health, longevity has been growing for people yearning. Economic and simple, without any side effects of acupuncture, it has been a great attention. On the basis of the method of fitness moxibustion on ancient and modern in terms of content or acupuncture and moxibustion on health care itself has a lot of development. On moxibustion, not only to prevent certain geriatric, and are used to anti-aging. In recent years, the continent as a useful instrument illumination Meridian Health acupuncture moxibustion to improve immune function in the elderly. It is worth mentioning that Japanese physicians also attaches great importance to the health moxibustion, some development in clinical practice, advocate: teens, moxibustion throttle to prevent colds and tuberculosis; twenty-four, five years old moxibustion Sanyinjiao promote reproductive system health and development; thirty to four-year-old about moxibustion Zusanli, prevent aging and disease prevention; moxibustion song to the old pool to make teeth strong, mesh eyes bright, normal blood pressure and so on. Health care, that is, for the human mind to create good conditions for improving the quality of human life. Based on that, acupuncture to stop smoking, weight loss, fatigue and other beauty and health projects have emerged in recent years. In particular, not only in our country due to rampant drug use, but is increasingly becoming a serious global problem, acupuncture detoxification attracted wide attention, these items no documented in ancient literature, but most of the other countries are also the first in the world carried out together. Since the mid-1970s, has produced various forms of methods include body acupuncture, ear acupuncture, laser needle, fire needle, including acupoint injection, and also found a lot of valid points. Scope of acupuncture care, there are still potential to expand
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 Acupuncture long history of health and disease prevention 6
Acupuncture disease prevention is increasing. According to rough statistics, the nearest 50 years of published literature, the acupuncture preventable diseases have been related to the medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, ENT and other clinical subjects. Both include a variety of acute infectious influenza, meningitis, bacillary dysentery, acute myeloid ash inflammation, malaria, etc., may also prevent or reduce the incidence of stroke, coronary heart disease, shock, tetanus and other critical illness to a certain extent, and surgical infection, transfusion reactions, integrated flow reaction, post-partum hemorrhage and other acute symptoms are also good preventive effect. In recent years, acupuncture is also used to prevent cancer chemotherapy toxicity when appearing. Athletics syndrome, is a new disease in recent years proposed for prevention acupuncture, especially for one of the examination room syndrome, obviously. Recently, when the new plague sudden outbreak of atypical infectious, acupuncture has become one of the important measures to prevent it.
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 Acupuncture long history of health and disease prevention 4
After the Song Dynasty, acupuncture health and disease prevention are particularly significant progress on acupuncture health care, which is characterized as follows:
     First, moxibustion become a major health law. According to TCM theory, moxibustion help consolidate the power element, acupuncture combined with moxibustion easy to get cheaper prices, moxibustion simple self operation, which makes moxibustion popularized become cost-effective means of longevity . In order to verify the actual clinical effect of acupuncture care, and some doctors have been personally tested. Operation on health moxibustion, moxibustion appeared variety, including simple moxibustion (moxibustion directly or partitioned moxibustion), smoked moxibustion (similar to modern moxa) and so on. There is also a smaller size like a rice moxibustion. “Zhuang”the number of moxibustion generally considered age-related, such as "man to be thirty years old should be moxibustion 300 Zhuang once thirty years, fifty years old to three hundred strong moxibustion every two years below the belly button; sixty years old to every year below the belly button of a three hundred strong moxibustion. The selection of points on health moxibustion to Shenque, air sea, Guan Yuan, Zusanli, Gaohuangshu other points most commonly used.
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Acupuncture long history of health and disease prevention 3
Early treatment, but also is one content of prevention. In addition to the usual medical was advocating prevention, but also pay attention to before the onset of the beginning of symptoms revealed, truncated illness with acupuncture method, destroy it in the bud. Early prevention, not only effect is obvious, the prognosis is also should be noted that during this period, although the emphasis on disease prevention and moxibustion, but also mentioned acupuncture, or acupuncture combined with medicine. In acupuncture care, although more relevant health literature Jin and Tang Dynasties, but the content is still less acupuncture. "Old Tang book" Liu had set brisk walking even eighty years old, the art of health also use moxa Qihai point. "Emergency preparedness Prescriptions" mentioned moxibustion Gaohuangshu points can be achieved by life health effects: "This moxibustion finished, feel Yangqi rise." "Waitai Miyao" also describes moxibustion Zusanli prevent presbyopia .
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 Acupuncture long history of health and disease prevention  2
Ancient Overview
     The earliest records of acupuncture prevention of ancient literature, the "Inner Canon of Huangdi Emperor." It proposed the idea of acupuncture and disease prevention, who is always good doctor before the disease does not occur, or the early onset of acupuncture , it is a good doctor of attention to disease prevention is better than treatment of disease; Acupuncture has also stressed the role of physical health in some chapter, set out the specific methods of prevention, treatment of internal organs such as acute fever, the disease when it is not made ​​up, often in different parts of the face first revealed red, pointed out that acupuncture should treatment before. Thus, to some extent, "Inner Canon" laid the theoretical foundation of acupuncture health care and disease prevention.
     Eastern Han Dynasty, ZhangZhongJing inherited the "Inner Canon" the treatment of disease thought. Although he focuses on drugs Treating, but also related to acupuncture prevention, with emphasis on the usual attention to health and disease prevention, should also be invaded once Evils Prevention at an early stage.
     Jin and Tang dynasty, the emphasis moxibustion. During this period of acupuncture care and disease prevention is greatly developed, especially moxibustion is widely used for the prevention, have a profound impact on future generations. The focus is the prevention of acute severe disease.
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Lower back pain
Lower back pain is a very common disease, the vast majority of people had experienced back pain in life, more or less, light or heavy. But also a variety of reasons, acute sprains, chronic low back pain, low back pain have accompanied the menstrual period, kidney stones and other caused by urinary system diseases, and even cause by cancer. But the most common is acute lumbar sprain, it is because improper force, or chronic back pain, there is obesity, sedentary, lack of exercise and other causes. Many patients prior to acupuncture treatment, have tried painkillers, massage, chiropractor, freezing cold, etc., according to my opinion, acupuncture treatment is the preferred and most effective, and without any side effects, especially in some early back pain, Once or twice treatment can solve the problem. For some chronic low back pain syndrome, do some regular acupuncture treatment on year, will be necessary to avoid or reduce the onset of back pain.
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I need to lose 20 pounds, can you do that?
I need to lose 20 pounds, can you do it? People often mention such a request, the exact answer on the phone is: "I dont know", because I do not know the age, the health status, medical history, diet and life styles. So my answer is often: "Can you come to my office to let me see, ask a few questions, maybe I can answer your question." Then, even if it is to understand the disease, not guarantee to lose weight 20 pounds, and some it could even have a slimming effect. For example, there is a family history of obesity, diabetes has a long history, old age, overall physical condition is not good, and so, therefore, is the old saying goes, the treatment effect will be very different, because everyone's situation is not the same.
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Is Insurance cover acupuncture?
Patient came to my acupuncture office, said they found my name on the list of insurance companies, after search online, found the insurance plan does not cover acupuncture, the patient will be surprised, because they found my name on the list of acupuncturist? Yes, my name in the insurance list, but your plan not cover acupuncture. So, if you need insurance company to pay the bills, acupuncturists need pass the credential check by the insurance company, also the patient's insurance plan needs to have acupuncture benefits. Only in this way, the insurance company will pay the claim.
Now, United Healthcare, BCBS, Cingna, they have some good package for acupuncture benefits, Aetna have some too.
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What acupuncture can cure diseases?
Although acupuncture has been popular in the United States four decades, but still often someone ask this question, in China, acupuncture has been the presence of thousands of years, people still ask same question. And this also is not a easy question to answer, because acupuncture can cure many diseases, but not cure all disease. Acupuncture has a good effect on pain, which we already know, acupuncture for stree, fatigue, infertility, insomnia, etc., also has a good effect, which many people already know. But for health, enhance immunity, diabetes, high blood pressure etc, it is not a moment to see the benifits that have to do long-term treatment, in order to see some results, and sometimes can not see the positive effects, but to prevent or avoid the further deterioration of the condition. There are some individual cases, it can not be generalized, for example, there was a 92-year-old Russian woman, eye pain, eye doctor to check that the intraocular pressure is too high, in general, need surgery, but 92-year-old patient, surgery is not considered, so there is no special treatment. But only the first acupuncture treatment, then eyes it does not hurt anymore, then there is no relapse, the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine for high intraocular pressure is considered necessary to clear the meridians, the pressure come down naturally. Of course, this is only an individual case, do not pass on. So, perhaps it is more appropriate to ask, " I did such a disease can be treated with acupuncture?"
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