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Aalia Khan Yousafzai
Your ethereal soul can change the world
Your ethereal soul can change the world


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Hello, my dear G+ friends and family! So it's true- G+ is going away, but our friendships don't have to. You can still find me at

And I'm also on Goodreads.

Love you all. You've been a wonderful, WONDERFUL part of my journey.
I will post until they shut us down. Feel free to PM me and reunite!

I'll end this with a Dylan Thomas quote-

"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Old age should burn and rave at close
of day; Rage, rage against the dying
of the light."

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Reciting Broken Bodies out loud has had some of the most therapeutic effects I've ever felt.
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Another one of my poetry recital recordings. I was quite into it as I let it out!
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See me perform at 1st Floor, Block 6, St 57, Najam Market, F-8/4
Islamabad, Pakistan
For tickets, please visit:

Translating feelings to scratches on paper, to vibrational frequency through my voice, I'll there to enchant you by setting free for all to see, the engravings on my heart by all the first times.

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Duplicitously Mine

I love crows, although their cawing is so jarring.

I love donkeys, despite their rashness, so marring.

Truth is, I didn’t truly love donkeys or crows.

I’m trying to initiate karma, heaven knows.

I will not lower this voice of mine, or these eyes

If I must kill my spirit, then you’ll have my corpse.

I will not stop hurting or spitting this hot ice,

For then, I’ll lose my colours and love to remorse.

Of course, I don’t look like a crow or a donkey;

I’m the jarringly beautiful flower of red.

You’ll retreat when you see it’s the blood I have bled,

While roses, nightingales and horses moaned, jolly.

Others moan of inner beauty that is unseen,

Shadowed by those colours that are outwardly seen.

Mine’s inner ugly, shadowed by outer beauty;

It’s as unchangeable as the shape of my eyes.

What’s beauty and ugly, if not a preference

Of pigeon over dove, calm over thrills’ cadence.

What’s human rejection if not cruel deference

To the voluntary ugly’s cold reference.

My inner ugly takes outer shape as I act.

Rejection for rejection- attitudes re-enact.

Better than death and pain of the rejection

And that, is the answer to all your cold questions.
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Shooting Scars
Background image by Chandra X Ray telescope of a supernova (dying star) as captured although it took the light to each us on earth thousands of light years after it actually happened.
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Even though religion preaches peace, I fear religious people the most.
But that's not the main point of the post. It's about how, Development can
Be your biggest enemy. If you've stopped developing, I fear you.

Development.. You see and hear the word everywhere. When we see and hear things too much, it loses its meaning and eventually, its value. It becomes background noise. From going to the apex of development, we might lose it all because of the apparent lack of need to it. Development can be your enemy when you start depending on someone else’s development and let your brain* stay idle; as a lump of flesh surviving on oxygen. It’s your enemy when you feel you have developed enough and get stuck being a hybrid; neither here, nor there, telling yourself you’re content. Development can be your friend when you cultivate it and give it its meaning and that can be very stressful, even painful… but worth it.

At the very core, it means to change- in a positive way. We, as a human race, have developed to unimaginable heights, and bring ruin down upon ourselves by refusing to develop further, or by crushing the ethics that make us human, all in the name of “survival of the fittest.” It’s ironic how the phrase that is supposed to have brought us here has become a foe to our well-beings and peace of mind. .
Religion preaches peace, but why are so are many people most afraid of religious individuals? This, too, has to do with development. The most primary and important kind of development lies in the brain and most importantly, the mind, which is the driving force of the brain. The brain is simply a tool that waits to be molded into something extraordinary. Surely, you must have known how examples *rejecting he notion of development of the mind at a point of the has led the human society to dissatisfaction in life, stress, distress, depression, mass hysteria and even genocide.

If a non-religious person thinks I'm wrong, there's a fair chance they won't
kill me, but if they're religious? Yes, they very well can.

Why? Because we chose to stop developing at some point in the mind or in our lives, claiming a fact and school of thought as universal and going against those who are not like us.
The faith that gave us a sense of ethics and morality, that made us human and not just a highly developed mammal, in blinded extremes, has had the opposite effect when you look back at the violent human history. The reason to rebel and question that was once our ally turned against us, all because we stopped somewhere. From seeing women as lesser species and then to equals, from mud stoves to rockets, from sailing across seas to know the earth isn’t flat to being on the moon- how did we reach that point? By rejecting the notion of “impossible” or accepting things at face-value, because we didn’t want to stop.

The mind is a grape-vine, which climbs upon constructive thoughts that have the ability to reach the zeniths of success, all crashing back down when a wise man says, “I know everything. You’re wrong.”

From the mind, let’s go to this beautiful network we have formed amongst ourselves. We are spread out across the world in clusters of residents, citizens, immigrants and employees. We call ourselves a million things to differentiate and categorise, so it’s easy for our developed minds to dissect the differences and know what connection to form, but if we looked at our similarities, we might have more harmony, we won’t be able to develop, and that lack of development will settle in our brains like a pebble in our shoe.

How can the fittest survive, when they don’t know what they’re better at? We compete. We compete while smiling, we compete while killing, we compete while wrecking lives, and at times, after we win in this everlasting competition, we either grieve in a pool of blood or share a meal and embraces with those same people we competed with. The latter is for the more developed- for those who understand that we compete not to beat the other but we compete to rise. It has nothing to do with destroying another.

Development comes with a price. In order to develop, you need to go through the grinder. After all, a gem always looks ordinary and goes through rigorous procedures to sparkle in the end. We have had to see loss to know we need to win. We have had to see bleeding, bruised fingers as we practice a craft- and become masters at it. Hours, days and years spent honing a talent, and be known by the world for it, inspiring others to follow suit and ensure the human race develops. To develop your company, your project, you take risks, quit your job, lose everything you have; you invest all you have into it, you work relentlessly while taking care you’re not losing all your touch with fellow human beings but in the end, after investing so much money, time and a lot of emotional and physical energy, you have something to be proud of, because you gave into that instinct to do better than you already do. A company develops when there’s this spark of desire in a person’s mind that screams, “You can do better! You deserve the best!” It develops when you see the material or immaterial flaws in your system you want to compete with, eliminate them…and not rejoice in the sigh of relief, but then find more.

Development doesn’t mean to be the best, as that's a never-ending quest for the idiots. It always means better and there’s always room for better. It’s a drive that keeps us going and pushing us to be not just great but the best we can be.

Who wouldn’t want that?
Look at the world we live in and if a common person from a few centuries ago could see it, they’d call it sorcery. A wise one form the past would say, “Development.”

What does development mean to you and in what ways do you wish to develop?

Hoping you guys are having a lovely weekend!


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This one is born out of suffering and passion.
When was the last time you felt something
so intense, it took over you and you couldn't
ignore it?


#minimalism #micropoetry #bleedingwords #poetry #haiku
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This comes from a deep place and a very moving experience of mine.
What is the one thing that has recently had a
great impact on you? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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