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Eva Crawford
Visual Designer/Art Director — purveyor of vintage bar glasses
Visual Designer/Art Director — purveyor of vintage bar glasses

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Ahhhhhh Radiohead IS playing Coachella, where can I sell my soul to acquire a ticket?

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Boooo godaddy! boooo time to move some old domains

Hello G+ it's been a while going to try and stop by a bit more often. :) what's the news? I see a few more of my friends have joined and the Steve tributes are strong.

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Join us for the Official Opening of "In the Light of Blue"
35 New images by Luther Gerlach 8"x20" to Mammoth Plate
Ventura County Museum of Art
100 East Main Street
Ventura County 93001

Friday September 30th
Friday | September 30 | 5:30 - 8pm
$5.00 MVC Members Free RSVP: 805 653-0323 X7

For 25 years, artist Luther Gerlach has concentrated on the processes used in the first 50 years of photography. October 1st through November 27th, see the debut of his new body of work, In the Light of Blue: New Works by Luther Gerlach. In this, his first exhibition at the Museum of Ventura County the photographs will explore the human figure and landscape, stripped in the both the literal and figurative sense of the term. The images are shot using small to mammoth plate cameras and produced with the wet plate collodion process. This historic process utilizes an emulsion that is only sensitive to sunlight’s ultraviolet rays. It is with these with blue wavelengths of the spectrum that Gerlach has immortalized the blue.

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As I tell my clients yes it's serious business. And while you most likely won't be sued why on earth would you risk it?
When a presidential candidate gets slammed with a $2 million lawsuit for using pirated fonts on his website, we know neither copyright law nor typography is a joke...

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Please vote for the book I designed for Photographer Eric O'Connell. We are so pleased Blurb chose us as a People's Choice Documentary Book Finalist for our work on "A New Reality". This project is especially meaningful as it documents Eric's first person account of 911 and the photographs from that day. You can also preview the book on Blurb which I highly recommend Eric's photographs are extraordinary, terrifying and amazingly also incredibly human.

"We are surrounded by a whole new breed of youngsters," Reno said, "they know all the words. They got the headbands on, they got the T-shirts, it has to be the Internet." <Mike Reno of Loverboy (In other news thanks for nothing Youngsters)

Time management and I are learning to live with each other.

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I don't know about Cumberland Farms I don't think we have those in LA but 2-4 absolutely applies. :) and if there is a good tasting dollar cup of coffee in this city please tell me where it is!
Here are the official Northeast iced coffee rankings:

1. Cumberland Farms (great taste, 99 cents)
2. Starbucks (also great taste, but like $11)
3. Everything else not otherwise listed (includes McDonald's, 7-11, ash tray water, urine, embalming fluid, etc.)
4. Dunkin' Donuts (remember how the Alien (from Alien ) spilled its blood (or was it saliva?) and it burned through all of the ship's floors? That's what DD iced coffee tastes like.)

I must say the caliber of people adding me on G+ went up more than a notch today. Anticipating wave of spammy types in retribution in 3. 2. 1…
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