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Smart move by Google IMO. Promotions are messy, better lock them down completely until you have a plan.

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I wish I could join tonight's hangout!! <3 The Muppets

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Because we've all had that "awful restaurant website" experience way too many times. +Ben Hovaness +Emily Duong

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Thank you +Tom Anderson always for these helpful posts. New Google+ peeps, check this out!
I can see by my "circle count" that there are a lot of new people signing up today. In the early days of G+ (just 90 days ago) there was a culture of sharing tips, tricks, guides, etc. I gathered together a few for the new users who just joined. Be a pal and share them with your new friends on G+ :-)

A complete guide to Google+:
A G+ guide created collaboratively by users in Google Docs:
Big info graphic with tips & tricks:
Smaller "cheat sheet" graphic:
Visual guide if you hate to read:

Btw, keep in mind that G+ is not like Facebook, which is what a lot of people seem to think based on the press they've read. G+ is something different, maybe more like a combination of Twitter & Facebook. You can "circle" people and just see what they post, like following on Twitter, but you can also use your circles to post to select groups of people (more like Facebook - your smaller group of friends).

If you find your friends aren't here yet, the best thing to do is find interesting people to circle-- the main link I've shared below is one of the nicer sites to see a list of suggested users you can circle (and of course, G+ has its own list of suggested users when you sign up). Enjoy :)

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I can't tell you how long it took me to read the whole thing, but I CAN tell you I was in tears by the end. Thanks +Peter Achenbaum for sharing.

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Watch this slideshow! Watch it now!
What G+ is really about (pst!!! it's not social) (38 photos)
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Brilliant. Also, Tom is definitely worth following/reposting.
Connor Livingston made this graphic (; couldn't find his G+ profile. (Bummer!) I've seen some people complaining about how much other people are talking about G+ here (and little else). I'm not too worried about it. Nerds get nerdier when put together and they suspect no one else is watching :-)

For my part, I talk about G+ because its genuinely the thing I'm most excited about right now. G+ has inspired so many ideas in me, and the content sharing that's going on here (including non G+ content) is working exactly the way the G+ team hoped it would--it is making me spend more time online. I haven't stopped going to news sites or other places to be entertained, but I have stopped doing a lot of non-Internet entertainment activities. Social networks may have began as a way for people to communicate, but in many ways they're a battle for your free time. MySpace was said to have taken away time from MTV and television in general. Facebook has done that for sure--even without any "content" component, because, of course, the users supply the content (the normal "content" they share, and the stuff they share about their lives becomes the "content' for their friends to consume).

Many moves Google has made over the last 10 years (and we're talking expensive, expensive moves) have been just so people will spend more time online in general. That's just good for Google. Google ad products are so dominant that Google's profits soar when we spend more time online.

Excel, every day I find new reasons to love you. Today it's the =LEN function, a serious time saver for anyone forced to work with character count restrictions.

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Sent in my application yesterday! Really excited by the prospect of testing this for Kaplan.
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