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Are there any The 100 fans in this community?

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This song is sooooo perfect for cas and dean........I can literally see cas singing this to dean....xD

Oh. My. God. DEAN WINCHESTER LIKES TAYLOR SWIFT!!! HE IS A SWIFTIE........Is it weird that him listening to shake it off in his impala makes me like him even more?

just finished agents of

Okay so I am almost all the way caught up on agents of shield and I have this ongoing discussion with my brother about if ward and skye are meant to be or not...he thinks since ward was all hail hydra they are not meant to be and ward should die....but I think that ward did everything he could to protect skye and yes he made bad choices and he helped the wrong people but he did love skye and he still does love skye and he will do anything for her and they should just go have sex in some corner and then be the best couple in the history of agents of shield....what are yalls thoughts?

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